1. rock and roll

    Extreme dizziness. Maybe medication??

    I have been feeling extremely dizzy ever lately, and I'm sure it was either the recent addition of Vimpat or the incompatibly of it with the other drugs I'm taking. I want to stop the Vimpat and I'm currently being evaluated for another surgery. Anyone have any experience coming off this drug...
  2. K

    All things lamictal

    Hello :-) I am new and discovered this while researching lamictal withdrawals. I have so many questions, but I'll keep it short. I started having seizures in 2010. I averaged 9 a year. In 2013 I had one at work and was 'forced' by my doctor to take a prescription in order to get my license...
  3. D

    No meds, bothersome symptoms???

    I have partial seizures, I no longer qualify for Medicaid for health coverage, lately for the past 5 days I've been really dizzy and out of it, I've been just in bed since yesterday, I'm super dizzy and when I'm up I feel like I want to pass out. Has anyone else felt like this and what did they...
  4. R

    Keppra and dizziness and nystagmus

    Hi. I've been on Keppra 1500mg daily for 9 months now and im still having seizures and the diziness side effect hasnt gone away and lately my eyeballs feel like they are randomly being pulled off to the left every now and then, then it rights itself. has anyone else had this? im thinking of...
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