Funny Video and a Question

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I saw this and giggled.

I also have a question, though. Do any of you get a weird feeling in your head that can last all day that kind of feels like your brain is telling you it's in pain, but it really isn't in pain?

Oh! And good news! I started seeing a new psychiatrist (the last one told me I was an attention-seeking faker) and this new one also has a degree in neurology. He prescribed 600mg of Neurontin and I've been feeling so much better I can't even tell you! ^_^
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*snort* ha ha ha I'm on neurontin too (gabapentin) and it doesnt do a whole lot to be honest.

Sounds like you are having a "silent" migraine. I have those and its just how you described.
Ooooh. Huh. Interesting. Never heard of that.

I'm taking Lyrica, Neurontin, Welbutrin and Celexa. I have only been on this regimen for a week, so who knows? So far I haven't had any "Seizure dreams", but I don't have those every week. We'll see.
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