Geomagnetic & solar activity triggers my seizures. How do I find a doctor or researcher who will listen?

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I posted about this topic a couple of times over the years, updating links to the websites I follow when they did an overhaul and everything disappeared. I've been following space weather though, I'm guessing, for close to 18 years now.

It all started as an 'I wonder if' sort of thing, as I was experiencing so many symptoms and was curious to see if they happened to coincide with what the sun was up to each day and how it was affecting earth's geomagnetic field. I later learned I had epilepsy. It took a car wreck to get answers there. Solar activity is ramping up though, so it would be the PERFECT time for YOU to begin your own personal study.

But anyway, I KNOW I could PROVE this. 100% certain. Throw me in a room for a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year...however much proof you internet phone...any phone calls monitored so that you are certain I am not receiving updates from family or friends...but there IS a connection. That my seizures, night sweats, day sweats, IBD (loose stool or constipation), teeth-gritting and grinding, sore gums, sinus flareups, etc...) ARE triggered by the sun and its effect on earth's geomagnetic field.

To complicate things further though, I honestly believe that pathogenic MICROBES are at play here, too, simply responding to these geomagnetic disturbances. Some pathogenic microbe in my gut, gums, sinuses leads to seizures. I'm not sure if they are actually residing in my brain, per say, or perhaps its a gut/brain axis sort of thing, but they work in sync, producing symptoms that all seem to come on at once. Even my CAT hides when there's a suspicious sunspot or uptick in geomagnetic activity. Microbes contain magnetite. Seems like a simple experiment to start. Put some saliva, sinus microbes, gut microbes on a slide and see what they do. Do they all head north, south? Do they tend to reproduce/replicate during certain geomagnetic happenstances? Though I don't know WHICH pathogenic microbes are involved, I know they're a HUGE piece of the puzzle.

Doctors are close-minded though. They already think I'm a nutcase for even suggesting microbes are involved. How do I go about suggesting the sun is involved, and is there any way to find a researcher? I would need two. A medical researcher and a solar physicist.
Your best bet would be to keep a detailed seizure journal/diary that can be used to evaluate possible correlations with suspected triggers.
Hi elizzza811,

The sunspot cycle can trigger seizures for a person if they live in a high elevation. It happens every 11 yrs. and it goes from the north
to the south. Also if you are photosensitive that may be some of the problem. I'm into ham radio and often when the sunspot cycle
starts up it will either make it really good or really bad to talk on the radio do the magnetic field.

I have a friend that lives in Alaska and she gets wicked migraine headaches where she is down for 2-3 days do to this so you are
100% correct the sunspot cycle can trigger seizure. Start taking note by doing a journal on a calendar of the day and time you have
any seizures and also take note of the sunspot cycle that day along with the weather and if there is a low pressure. This will give your
Dr. and you a lot of info. to go on as to what is triggering your seizures and other medical problems. I wish you the best of luck.
and May God Bless You!

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