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    Geomagnetic & solar activity triggers my seizures. How do I find a doctor or researcher who will listen?

    I posted about this topic a couple of times over the years, updating links to the websites I follow when they did an overhaul and everything disappeared. I've been following space weather though, I'm guessing, for close to 18 years now. It all started as an 'I wonder if' sort of thing, as I was...
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    Do Neurologists Belong to the Forums?

    Hi Everyone- I was wondering if any neurologists/ epileptologists / researchers regularly visit the forums? If so do they indicate that our experiences, observations and personal research have any bearing on the way they practice? This past week I completed a 5 day vEEG with no seizure...
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    Inactivity Can Change the Brain

    Just read a NY Times article highlighting a recent study (on rats), that looks at how the brain changes when the [rat] body is inactive. Makes me wonder how our activity levels might affect our seizure control (if at all). I know some folks are triggered by exercise, but perhaps for some of us...
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    Did you take Valproate (Depakote or Valproic Acid) During Pregnancy?

    Did you take Valproate (Depakote or Valproic Acid) During Pregnancy? Have you thought about whether this medication may have affected your child? The Pediatric Genetics Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children is studying the effects of prenatal exposure to valproate. We are...
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    Donating to research

    Anyone have any strong opinions and (data to support) about where a donation can make the biggest impact in epilepsy research? thanks
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    Study Explores Electrical Stimulation as an Aid to Memory
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    Participate in a University Epilepsy Research Study!

    Hey everyone, I am part of a study at Columbia University which hopes to build upon the collected wisdom of people living with epilepsy to inform research about how people take control of their health. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people with epilepsy to benefit one another...
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    A Complicated Illness

    This is a remarkable group and reading the breadth and human kindness here is wonderful. I came across an article that is to appear in Epilepsy Research and wanted to upload it but the size was too big so the abstract appears below. This was prompted by a question someone asked about Dr...
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    [News] Help STOP a $5 Million Cut in Epilepsy Research!!!

    Epilepsy Care Programs also on the Chopping Block Congress is considering a bill to reduce government spending by as much as $100 billion. Of that, more than $12 billion will come from important health programs – including medical research into a cure – that benefit people with epilepsy...
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    [Info] New Hope for Epilepsy Stem Cell Therapy

    An exciting breakthrough from Medical News Today… Research by a German scientific group indicated that embryonic stem cells could possibly contribute to regeneration of brain tissue. Currently, 20% of epilepsy patients undergo surgery to remove uncontrolled excitatory cells that cause...
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    [News] "Accelerating Research in the Epilepsies.”

    CURE announces a groundbreaking new focus on funding and collaboration in epilepsy research. Simply click here, to find out more:
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    Stigma of Chronic Illness at Work Study

    My name is Alyssa and and I am a PhD student doing my doctoral dissertation on issues that workers with chronic illness face in the workplace, including stigma, discrimination, and disclosure. Although I do not have Epilepsy, I have been living and working with Multiple Sclerosis for 9 years, so...
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    Honor Epilepsy Awareness Month With YOUR Contribution

    Ironically, I heard on the news that the Juvenile Diabetes Philadelphia branch was moving to new quarters to house their expanded staff. At the very same time, our branch of The Epilepsy Foundation was in the process of laying off employees because of drastic cuts in state and federal funding...
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    Katie Couric Reports On Epilepsy: A Fight For The Cure

    (CBS) "Susan and David Axelrod's oldest daughter Lauren had tried 23 different medications and an unsuccessful brain surgery to control her epilepsy by the time she was 18. When doctors could not stop her dangerous and devastating seizures, the Axelrods realized that they would have to do...
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    Attention All Members! URGENT! Time is Limited! HURRY!

    Please see the sticky post on the Bulletin Board! (Edit: I moved the thread to the Hamster Cage - Bernard) There is a special announcement there and plus you can earn money (not a gimmick, this is from Emory University and CDC) - all information and details are there ... Emory University Needs...
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    Emory University Needs You! You can Earn $$ if you qualify ...

    I am already enrolled in this program and quite a few folks are already enrolled as well; however, I have spoken with Colleen at Team WebEase with Emory University (in Georgia); and they are needing MORE people to participate: They are quick to let you know if you qualify or not, and PLUS -...
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