masturbation induced seizures?

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Honestly it's kind of like that but it works it's way up my arm, shoulder, neck, face and then I pass out. the first time it just got tense and painful and I started flopping about and passed out, the second time my arm was flailing around and it was really painful before I started convulsing and then passed out.

As far as someone being there to confirm the night seizures, my gf stays over usually 2-3 nights a week and I've never woken up really groggy and sore like I have when I believe I've had a night seizure. It's usually my arms and neck/jaw that are sore when I've thought it's happened.

I have also potentially had nerve damage. I crashed a dirt bike pretty bad a few years ago, no broken bones but landed on my shoulder/neck/head and its caused shoulder pain and my shoulders hang uneven unless I consciously correct it.

As stupid as it sounds, I've "switched hands" and I've not had any of those feelings or cramping with my left hand. I fell asleep on my right arm a few nights ago and woke up sweating, my entire arm tingling and my right hand feeling like it was about to start cramping. I shook it out and walked around a bit, grabbed a cold glass of water and tried watching tv to take my mind off it and then I fell asleep again.

TBH, my biggest fear is dying from a seizure. Not from falling and splitting my head open or anything, I can deal with that. I've sleep walked my entire life and constantly wake up with bruises and knocks that I don't remember getting. As far as any underlying issues- stress, dehydration, the bike accident, sleep walking and depression are things that I guess would be wrong with me. But can you actually DIE from having a seizure? I feel like I'm beating a dead horse with this but I can't talk about this with people that have never had it because its like speaking Chinese to them.

too early to say.............i am still having small episodes in my hand,,,this is waking me up at night now........i dont have to be doing anything at al now.....i wake up and just know its going to hand goes cold,my heart races. then thats it my thumb and forefinger start to spasm..(It doest look like its doing anything ) but i feel like my fingers are being ripped off and twisted then my hand starts to jerk backwards n forwards,,,then it stops and my thumb pulsates really badly.........anyone els had this...i have fell unconcios 3 times wholst having these strange episodes.......scary.
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Wow, thats some scary stuff! I haven't had that happen to me, but if it makes you feel any better, I do

I think petero posted something about masturbation, and seizures. If I had the time I'd find the post...but I bet he sees this and responds.

Welcome. :)

there ya go spreading around what I spurt off about masturbation


regarding the original post:
I've never had a masturbation-seizure, no
but I can definitely ward you off of taking baths if you're having seizures, especially if you don't want to die choking on your own fluids
Luckily I was never a bath taker. Quick showers, in and out. The both times it happened was in the morning, showering before going to work. The one time it ALMOST happened, my hand started cramping but I shook it out, was at night during a work week and not in the shower. I've since sworn off rubbing it out in the shower.
fap fap fap.......thud...............

i have had a seizure in shower to and been found nekkid cold and wet :) no one on here is alone
I have had those seizures

I've been looking for someone with this same condition since 1999 when I was finally diagnosed... I was masturbating with my right hand, my thumb cramped and the pain was soo extreme I blacked out!! Most painful thing I've ever felt by 10 times. When I came to I had a horrible head ache and popped all the blood vessels above my eyes from clinching soo tightly. I started having seizures in my sleep after that. Had to switch to jerking off with my left hand. Been doing it ever since. I am on anticonvulsant mess that work well. But I haven't really learned why it happened. Have you found out anything new? I don't have insurance to see a specialist. Thanks...
I have an appointment to see a Neurologist in the coming months and will post whatever feedback or diagnosis he has for me. Apparently he is one of the top Doctors in his field in Ontario so I am hoping to get some solid answers.

My seizures only happened twice and since I started jerking off with my left hand, it hasn't carried over.

Looking back on the pain makes me nervous. I am just so aware of any spasm or cramp of any type in my body that it makes me uneasy. Luckily no serious occurences.

Stay tuned.
median, ulnar and radial nerves are big ones in the hands
the hands are very sensitive and are enjoined to a lot of mental information and processing aren't they?
I have the same experience

Hi, I experienced the exact same in 2003. Was knocking one off and felt my hand going numb (wankers cramp) but carried on which resulted in my hand 'cramping up'. My thumb and forefinger locked together, it felt like my fingers were breaking and falling off my hand. Ended up collapsing to the ground unable to shout or even breath. Remember feeling like I was actually going to die. I ended up blacking out and waking up about an hour later. Felt like I had the worst hangover ever, had to sleep it off. Since that episode I've experienced the same on two occasions that I remember. I'm extra cautious now not to masterbate as frequently to avoid it happening.

Problem is my right hand is pretty messed up from these episodes. I struggle to perform fine motor skills such as writing. Any repetitive movement in which rely on any sort of firm grip such as painting or for example or mashing potatoes is impossible. Going to the gym is a problem too as lifting weights causes the forearm and hand to cramp up.

The worst part about it is the constant anxiety that I'm going to have another attack, especially when driving or performing basic tasks that utilise the use of my right hand. Went to the docs after the second episode, took all the tests, no abnormalities found. Obviously at the time didn't really go in to detail how it happens just said I got really bad cramp in my hand and passed out. Doc prescribed some antidepressants, never went back. One thing that really doesn't help is alcohol. Whenever I drink it makes the symptoms x10 worse! Anyway I hope this helps not that I've given you any advice but just wanted to share my experience.
My experiences are almost exactly the same

Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum. I found this thread after doing some research because I have experienced the exact same thing.

For a few months I was finding that my hand was getting increasingly cramped towards the end of a wank. I sort of ignored it until one day the index finger of my right hand started curling up in a way that I couldn't control. I had to prise my foreskin out of the grip of my index finger using my left hand but then my whole hand formed an unbelievably tight fist and my whole right arm started convulsing uncontrollably. After a couple of moments my vision started blurring and getting very trippy. Do you remember the scene in The Matrix when the agent dodges Neo's bullets on the rooftop? That's what my arm looked like to me as it was moving uncontrollably in front of my face. I honestly thought I was dying - the level of panic was unreal. Eventually I just blacked out and when I came around (I guess somewhere between 15-30 minutes later) I felt incredibly tired and my whole body ached to the point where I could barely move. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Obviously I was freaked out but I tried to just put it down as one of those things (in actual fact I went to the Glastonbury Festival the next day), guessing maybe it was epilepsy and I'd need to get it checked out, but the exact same thing happened again a couple of weeks later. The second time was even worse as I knew what was coming but it all played out in exactly the same way.

After that I realised I was breathing in a very rapid, shallow way during masturbation and that what I was experiencing was most likely due to that. I had a bunch of tests done - MRI, electroencephalogram, heart tests (I'm in England so you can have it all done for free on the NHS) - but they all came back clear so they were able to rule out epilepsy which backed up my theory about the breathing. In truth the NHS didn't know what was wrong with me. A number of theories were put on the table so I had to go and see consultant after consultant at hospitals all over the city and eventually I just gave up on them. They tried hard but they just didn't have an answer and I ended up feeling like a guinea pig.

In the weeks and months following that second seizure I abstained from masturbating but found that I was having both panic attacks and strange 'mini'-seizures at night. They felt almost like a very sudden adrenaline rush but accompanied by the right side of my body going suddenly very tense, including the fingers in my hand, but instead of turning into a full-on seizure the tension would release and I'd feel OK again.

By that point my daytime panic attacks had become frequent and intense. I just couldn't seem to stop thinking about the first two seizures - the pain, the absolute certainty that I was dying, the idea of it happening to me in public and so on. I'd be sitting at my desk at work and suddenly I'd get a rush of overwhelming panic where I was sweating, I couldn't breathe, my muscles would tense up. It was really horrible. And so for about 6 months I was having panic attacks in the day and then every night a mini-seizure that would be over in a few seconds. But then one night I was drifting off to sleep and a mini-seizure proceeded into a full seizure, just like the first two except I hadn't been masturbating.

This happened three times in a two week period. My best guess is that I was drifting off to sleep but having very panicky dreams which caused me to hyperventilate in my sleep which then triggered a seizure. This theory helped me understand what I needed to do to prevent it happening again, so the next time I felt a full seizure coming on I forced myself to do some deep, slow breathing techniques in what was almost a kind of meditative state of mind. I was just extremely focused on getting my breathing under control and getting my heart rate (which I think is also a factor) to slow down, and that focus helped me block out the feelings of panic. The breathing etc really helped - I felt spasms shooting up my arm and I was in a cold sweat but there was no seizure. The sensations eventually dissipated after 15-20 minutes and I was able to get things under control and fall asleep.

I had a couple more experiences like that where the seizure was coming on but I managed to prevent it from happening and I could feel then that I'd make something of a breakthrough. I recognised that the trigger was mental and not physical - since I wasn't masturbating it must have been my panic that was causing my body to go into seizure. Shortly after that I discovered something a website Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder or NEAD ( which recommends Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a treatment for that disorder.

I'm still not sure that my problem is NEAD but I can say that CBT has all but cured me of the panic attacks which has, in turn, stopped me from having seizures. By treating that psychological problem I was able to prevent the seizures, which I'd come to see as a physical side-effect. I learned a lot of useful coping mechanisms and was able to rationalise my thoughts before they escalated into full-blown panic attacks.

The seizures and their legacy are still a huge part of my life. I still think about the seizures and my 'condition' all the time, I find it difficult to do things with my right hand without panicking (riding a bicycle is a good example - I have to take frequent breaks because I freak out a little bit when I have to grip something for a long time), I can only sleep now if I have music or a podcast playing in my earphones (I use that as a distraction technique at night to try and stop my brain from looping back to panic-attack mode). But compared to where I was before CBT I'm almost like a different person.

I still don't masturbate in the traditional way - it's embarrassing to admit this but I got a fleshlight and I use that instead of my hand. I know that if I were to try and wank normally I'd only end up having a seizure again, even with all the knowledge I now have about breathing etc. I'd prefer just to not take the risk. I also try to abstain from drinking. I've always been a bit of a binge drinker - once I start I find it hard to stop, so I just try to avoid it now. I found I was self-medicating against the panic attacks with booze but in the long run it wasn't helping so it was best for me to cut way back. I often go for months without a drink now and I find I'm in a much better state of mind during those periods.

A funny thing happened in the gym recently. When I was lifting some weights (which I'd usually avoid as it involved gripping something...) I suddenly started to feel light headed and I realised my hand was tensing up. I breathed through it and managed to get things under control but it left me kind of shaken up. I realised in that moment that, yes, it's all about breathing - that's what this whole thing has been about. Although it wasn't nice to be taken back to that horrible, panicky, 'am I having a seizure?' place it was also a validation that I had managed to identify the the root of of the problem. All of that time and effort that went into researching the issue and coming up with a solution on my own had been worth it because pretty much I'd got it right.

So I guess that's my story. Thanks for reading it. This thread seems to be moving pretty slowly so I don't expect anyone to respond any time soon. I just hope the next person this happens to is able to find this post and see they're not the medical mystery that perhaps they thought they were.

Feel free to ask any questions - I'd be more than happy to answer.
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Hot showers raise blood pH where alkalosis is a cause of seizure. Try cold showers.
This entire thread is hilarious....

I have morning seizures and I've masturbated to AVOID seizures. I've always had problems sleeping and when up late or after a night of drinking, masturbation has been my Ambien for about...12 years. Recently stopped to increase libido and found that sleep is actually better without masturbation, and less is needed.

Keith is also spot on about the cold showers. I will always have seizures in a hot shower during winter and never knew there was a scientific reason for it.
This lecture on seizures mentions that in earlier centuries, masterbation was the number 2 most suspect cause for seizures.

It's at 9:06.

Fear is the number one trigger.

Masterbation the second trigger.






Sudden Chill

Injuries of the Head

Decreasing Psoriasis

Difficult Detention


I'd suspect that back then, epilepsy patients may have been locked up with asylum patients, or not treated the same now, since the advent of more modern drugs perhaps?

Maybe a reduction in testosterone levels or something does lower threshold? I'm not going off meds to try though. He does say that he doesn't believe that it has been proven true, so...
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This entire thread is hilarious....

I have morning seizures and I've masturbated to AVOID seizures.
Yeah. At the risk of TMI, I've always found that sexual satisfaction is a great preventative. A former boyfriend referred to "giving me my seizure meds" with a leer.

I agree that the hot shower may have more to do with the problem than the wanking.
Found something.

These guys are saying to differentiate psychogenic seizures from epileptic seizures, they test for prolactin levels.

Elevated serum prolactin assay, when measured in the appropriate clinical setting at 10 to 20 minutes after a suspected event, is a useful adjunct for the differentiation of generalized tonic–clonic or complex partial seizure from psychogenic nonepileptic seizure among adults and older children (Level B). Serum prolactin assay does not distinguish epileptic seizures from syncope (Level B). The use of serum PRL assay has not been established in the evaluation of status epilepticus, repetitive seizures, and neonatal seizures (Level U

And these guys are saying the same thing occurs after masterbation.

Orgasm can cause a significant spike in prolactin levels (approximately 10 to 15ng/ml) immediately after and upwards to 10-20 minutes later, at which it starts to decline.[3][5] This spike is dependent on ejaculation, and does not occur under non-orgasmic arousal.[6] This spike may serve to suppress further sexual desires.[7][8]

Really, I don't understand if there is a connection, if any. I don't even know what prolactin is....

Prolactin (PRL), also known as luteotropic hormone or luteotropin, is a protein that in humans is best known for its role in enabling female mammals to produce milk; however, it is influential over a large number of functions with over 300 separate actions of PRL having been reported in various vertebrates.[1] Prolactin is secreted from the pituitary gland in response to eating, mating, estrogen treatment, ovulation, and nursing. Prolactin is secreted in a pulsatile fashion in between these events. Prolactin also plays an essential role in metabolism, regulation of the immune system, and pancreatic development.

TBH, I don't know if there is any connection, except a parallel of sorts.
Left hand you tried that..don't get embrassed about telling doc he do it. 99%of men do this other 1% are liers
I get seizures in one hand when I use it for certain repetitive tasks. If I were a guy, I would imagine that doing that motion could cause it.
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