My mom video taped me


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My mom video taped me during my last seizure. It was pretty interesting to see what I was doing during it.

She asked me if I knew who she was, where I was and other simple questions but I didn't know the answers. We have a pillow case at the foot of the couch for our cat to lay on (don't ask) and I was trying to put it on over my feet. Mom asked me what I was doing and I kept telling her 'Nothing' That was the answer to most of the questions she was asking me too.

She asked me several times if I had to pee and I told her no. I'll go during them at times and after the seizure I had when I went into the office and peed on my dad's leather office chair it's one of the first questions I'm asked.

I'll ask what I did during my seizures and what it was like but being told actually and seeing it are two completely different things.
I'll ask what I did during my seizures and what it was like but being told actually and seeing it are two completely different things.

That is a real eye opener. Hopefully it can help find something to treat your seizures.

It was a great having a CPS on video for me during my vEEG. I'm just hoping the hospital will use it as a teaching tool. They can see how I was alert and talking with my family before my seizure(s). I paused for a minute or so, then started to rock in my chair. I was unresponsive in the video, then after a five minutes it passed.
Hi Val,

Just like Bigman I have hrs. of videos of me having seizures when I was in the hospital and the Dr. cut my seizure meds
back on purpose. They did this during a veeg to pinpoint where my seizures were coming from before I had the main brain
surgery. I found it so weird how I would get up and wander around during a complex partial seizure. Then when I would try
to talk sometimes I couldn't. I find it interesting how different each seizure was.
I wish you only the best and May God Bless You!

She wished she would have gotten more but she was having a hard time trying to keep me from walking around the house and videoing at the same time.
I think I'd be terrified lol. I never want to see what I look like having a seizure on video camera, ever. If someone had to in order to show a doctor or something, they better show the doctor and not to me >_<
I think it would be great if somebody would tape at least one complex partial. I don't get auras before my complex partials, so I might not know that I've had one. I usually rely on a witness, or I realize i did something to myself/my surroundings.
I read about one person who was so shocked to see what she looked like while seizing, that she didn't have another for a long time after that. Her seizures weren't psychological in nature, it was just something about the shock that put her brain on good behavior...
I was recorded in the hospital during a sleep study. I’m sitting up in bed eating. I started opening a tiny butter container and I was getting frustrated by it and my hands were shaking. My brother happened to be visiting. You can here him say “need some help with that?” Then I just went limp. All sorts of bells went off and nurses came running in. It was tough to watch, but I’m glad I got to see it.
I saw a video of me, and I was surprised to find out I shake on my right side. I can see what is happening when I have them, so you think I'd notice, but I had no clue.
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