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Heavy Kevy

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I’ve always loved beer for many reasons. Giving up drinking was and is not easy. I found a N/A beer that is a game changer.
The Athletic Brewing company has a Stout that could change the Irish economy. Their IPA is excellent and they also have seasonal brews that actually taste like Beer!
Good news is you can order it online, and having one at lunch is acceptable 🍻
From one beer lover to another, thanks for the recommendation. 🙂
Cool! One of my friends is doing a "dry January" and looking for N/A beers. :)
Now this is a game changer!
I had one at a restaurant, you know immediately that it’s Guinness.
I could see having one with breakfast 😆
Looking forward to making a black & tan!C030051A-4C2D-4398-A816-C381482666EA.jpeg
Hi Heavy Kevy,

You need to be out my way we have a place that makes homemade beer in 23 different flavors and also nonalcoholic beer.
You can watch them make the beers and they also have a restaurant there where you can have lunch and dinner and if you have
the kids with you they serve homemade soda it's called Ithaca Beer.
The N/A beer market is a good investment.
I find my grilling is better with a beer. 😀
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