need "UP" music

oh and.... (I couldnt find a better video because all the ones that are one there are either live concerts with flashing lights, or the video is put together with psychodelic trippy swirling etc.)

I actually laughed out loud when I saw what you posted Rae.

Ack! I didn't even think of videos triggering -- I hope the animation in the Aha video isn't a problem. I know partner may have some issues with that. What do you guys think?
its a little bit choppy on my old computer here at work. but im sure it will be fine.
in spebers auditorium there is a little thread on how to mark if a video is photosensitive alert.

You made me think of this Rae
I place all the blame for this on you:pfft:
These are some my eighties oldies:

Get Into the Groove (Madonna)
Kiss (Prince)
Naive Melody (Talking Heads)
That's Entertainment (The Jam)
I Want Candy (Bow Wow Wow's version)

I had a dance mix cd full of "oldies" that I played in the kitchen when I hosted a big bash last year. All the adults were boogie-ing in the kitchen. All their kids were cringing with embarrassment in the livingroom.
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K, so after figuring out which songs came from when ...
Joan Jett: I love Rock and Roll
David Bowie: Dance Magic Dance
Denise Williams: Lets Hear it for the Boy (think of my guy every time)
GnR: can't pick just one

and list goes on and on
How about..

Europe: The Final Countdown

I wanted to play this song when my wife was walking down the aisle but she wasn't keen on it.

Other classics:

Rush: Subdivisions
EMF: Unbelievable
Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams
Whitesnake: Here I go Agan
Annie Lenox

Music is upbeat. Annie is down but gonna fly away with wings...Works for me!

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Lovin' this thread guys!

Humm...I wonder what the draw is? Music perhaps? And really, most importantly, how it can cheer people up!
I don't know about everyone else but I like the variety of music. I never know what I'm gonna find when I open this thread but it always makes me smile! Hope this keeps going.

Question: how do I make the video show up, not just the link?
When you are at youtube, dont just copy what is in the address bar. right underneath the video is a little box to the right of it that says embed. click that. then customize your options. then copy the embed code.

next come on here and click reply, the "go advanced" you will see a little youtube box next to the picture and link adding buttons. just click that and post into the [Y T][/Y T] squares

It would look like this....

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Seizingbeauty said:
I never know what I'm gonna find when I open this thread but it always makes me smile! Hope this keeps going.

We'll keep it going for you sweetie. It does us good to! Laurie
Thanks for posting bang on my drum

Rhapsody in blue by george gershwin.

Makes me happy and helps me relax.
Sad part is I know it well enough that I know the parts disney cut out for fantasia.

But here is still the disney version because it is still pretty fun.

and has anyone notice that elton john looks like he just belongs on the muppet show and he fits in perfectly.
It is hard to chose just one song he did, because they are all great and very happy.
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