New brain game - let's find something positive about having epilepsy...


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Jeff Foxworthy has made a living w/ his "You might be a redneck if.." jokes.
Let's start a new game - "You might have epilepsy if . . ."

RULE - Everything that is thought of MUST be a positive thing! :hugs:

I'll start by naming just a few - "You might have epilepsy if ..."

. . . you have your own personal chauffer.

. . . your 12 year old sometimes takes care of you b/c he cares.

Well this is a pleasant spin since I have only felt very negative and blue about this so far.

....if you have superhero powers (auras) like spiderman

thats all i got. looking forward to more.
Good one! Let's see, how about...

.....if you have a good excuse to leave early from a wedding reception that you didn't really feel like going to in the first place!
.....when you really know who cares about you in this world since superficial people who couldn't handle your condition don't stick around. Good riddance.
So true!

....when your dog doesn't run off on you but stays by your side.

(This one comes w/ a story. A few years ago I was walking my dog, I tripped on a rock in the road and dropped the leash. I thought he was going to take off, but instead he came to my side and stayed there making sure I was okay. He wasn't a seizure dog, but I wouldn't be surprised if he could have been trained to be one. He was a yellow lab)
I think we have a similar thread in the archives. (The more the merrier of course!). If I can track it down I'll post the link just in case people want to check out more takes on the positive side of epilepsy... :)
I just found the lemons and lemonade one a few min. ago. Thanks Nak for the list above - it helps to look for the positive in things.
There's plenty to go around! :)
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