New here, had seizure yesterday..

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I guess I'm just here seeking support from people who know how awful epilepsy can be. I was diagnosed with partial and generalized seizures about 5 years ago. Many medications later and I was put on 100MGs of Keppra in Dec. 2011.

All was good until yesterday, I suffered a grand mal seizure at a football stadium. I sit here now..angry, confused, in physical pain and just, SO over this epilepsy thing.

I initially wondered if anyone had any tips or tricks to stop a seizure before it happens. My grand mal seizures are ALWAYS preluded by 5-7 minutes of a petit mal seizure. There would be time to stop the seizure, but I just don't know how...any advice and/or support is welcome.

Hi and welcome,

I am not aware of anything you can do to stop a seizure. Having said that I have learned (on this forum) about triggers. Are you aware of what your triggers are?
Not really. I've tried to find links, but am not able to. Everything from drinking alcohol to stressful situations, overheating have all LED to a seizure, but doesn't trigger it all the time.
Trigger can be lack of sleep, stress, infection, there are so many.

One of mine is when I've taken a new meds. it can be an over the counter vitamin, or a presc. antiob.

We all react diff. to the diff. meds and we haven diff. trigger.
Hi Kristen, welcome to CWE!

I don't know that there's any surefire way to prevent or delay a tonic-clonic seizure. I've read about two acupressure moves you could try: One involves having someone grip your thumbs. See for a picture and description. The other technique puts pressure on the area between your upper lip and nose called the philtrum. Press in the center of this groove, pushing in towards the teeth. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds.

You may also find some tips in these threads:

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