not sure whether to go for diet or med?


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My neuro started talking about a med for partial onset seizures w, when he gave me a call one day out of the blue.

I had a screaming sz this morning and got my dh attention.

I really don't care to blow up like a balloon on the diet either.

I'm just not to sure anything will work for me at all.

If you feel up to trying a diet, I think it might be worth a shot, especially if your neuro is supportive. Although they are high-fat, the Ketogenic and MAD diets are no-carb/low-carb, so they don't tend to cause weight gain. They should be tried under the supervision of a dietician/nutritionist, so adjustments can be made to the diet if necessary.
I am doing the LGIT or low glycemic index treatment which is the least strict of the 3 diets and I actually have lost weight. It really depends on your body. The diets and meds work in different ways. I have tried many different medications over the last year and none seem to work. I just started the LGIT diet about 2 months ago and a new medication and it seems that the combination of the two has decreased the number that I am having. I would talk to your doctor and work with them to figure out the best treatment because with some seizures the diets are not the best treatment.
I really don't care to blow up like a balloon on the diet either.

Most people actually lose weight on any variation of paleo/low carb/MAD/GARD/ etc.

As to blowing up like a balloon, these diets are very anti-inflammatory causing your body to get rid of any excess water weight in your tissues.

Also, you don't need to choose either/or, meds/diet. You could do both and perhaps later when your seizures are under good control, try backing off the meds slowly. That's what I have done. I'm now taking half of what I was initially prescribed with full seizure control.
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