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I bet you still have the bugs in your teeth to prove it too!


I flew in one of these on a "Milk Run" from Travis A.F.B California to Kadena A.F.B Okinawa Japan. It took 50 hours with actual flying time of 24 hours. My jet lag lasted 2 weeks!

The restroom was under the cockpit, it had no doorknob, just bailing wire! The seats were webbed like lawn chairs and the most passengers we had were 8. the rest was all cargo. It was so loud everyone had to wear earplugs. And we carried our own box lunches on the plane. It was an experiance I'd only want to do once. Boy, that flight makes me dread ANY kind of flying now.



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i am very very sorry if i make someone double check or so. i just started here so HI everyone.

i am Andreas i live in sweden. i have an very mild epilepcy im free from seizures since well im haveing a year soon :)

my child dream was to fly an cessna but here in sweden it is alot of jealousy and we live by an old old law that says "you shall not think you are someone" etc. i say its bull i know an much nicer one :) couse everyone is unique...

i went offtopic a while sorry for that back to topic.

always i see these small "bugs" i call them that the small cessnas flying in sunny days sounding like mosquitos :p and i would love to one pilot one of them myself.

is the rules as strick for an UL plane like cessna 172 - 182 as for an say boeing 747-400? i find it very odd if it should be the same strickt rules.

btw the plane pics you putted up was very beutiful indeed but the planes i like the most have same aerodynamic as an bus. well maybe a lil better im speaking about the supersonic STUKA dive bomber :)

i also like the plane the soviet used before they call "whale" and many other very odd designs :)

anyhow ive typed alot ill check this site again tomorrow and type more peace out :)


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FAA Medical

My last letter to FAA Medical branch:

Dr. Silberman;
I was not supprised you denied my request for a 3rd class medical, citing the old established rules in place.
I am not a high time pilot. I am not a commercial rated pilot.
I, at this time, only wish I had not checked the box, requiring the local FAA examiner to forward my exam to you for approval.
Yes, I also know the rules of lying on the application.
I, unlike some airline pilots chose to tell the truth on my online application.
Now I am not allowed to fly as PIC.
I know several pilots over the years that have been denied a medical at the local level then been given a medical, even 2nd class type, that are not in as good of medical condition that I am in. One very close friend just got his medical back, signed by you.
There have been leaps and bounds in medical progress with medication that will allow people to get their medical, with many different medical conditions.
My medical condition, that is in complete control, is still not acceptable under the current rules.
I know that general aviation pilots are not on the top of the FAA list to help.
I do not understand why there has not been advancement in the established rules to keep up with the medical progress made with medication dealing with epilepsy and seizures.
My dreams of flying went away when I got my license in 1967. I am glad that I have pilot friends that let me do all the flying, when we go out.
The 10 year / 3 year policy needs to be reconsidered. It needs to catch up with the new medications that have been in use for so many years.

It's time the FAA rules cought up with modern medical advanes.
The NTSB FAA side needs to update the medication list as it has for may heart paitents, etc.