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"makes about much sense as epilepsy"

lol!!!!!! no kidding, good call court :)
The vegetarians I know don’t like to eat meat in general so why the hell would they buy fake ham? I bet their client base is people like me who want to know what the hell fake ham tastes like. I have low expectations.

Four of my trainees three of which are trainee killing machines ill leave it to you to work out who's who. Lol
nonsense, she's pretend saving a horses life... the dirty way.
haha what if they had to try and fix E that way?!
:ponder: would be rethinking surgery i say.
Q, they only do that to people who have their head up their ass.
Plus you would need to try and find a neuroproctologist

true, but if it would take care of my amyg-hippo plus keep the colon healthy well... who could turn that down..... it's a 2-fer :eek:
I think that sounds like a fantastic deal to anyone sporting a head up their ass… but… would that mean they have shit for brains?
oh P the cliches just never end.....
i think i'll just go with regular surg then, minus the horse ;)
I'm sure its going to be just like the game operation. If they dont' touch the sides, you're golden! Apparently whats wrong with your head is a brain freeze. That should be easy enough to clear up.

omg!! great pic P, i looooooved that game (who didn't right)!!!
awww damn now i want to play!
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