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*Considering the size, I'd keep the damn thing covered LOL:D
This one gave me a much needed laugh-'til I cried. All of these are great!
Our new addition, finding himself a comfortable spot.


  • Jackson in bowl 2.jpg
    Jackson in bowl 2.jpg
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Love that picture!

but.... am I right in interpreting your thoughts about "white meat"?
Are we insinuating cruelty to pets... I mean those other than birds?
It's a joke Robin.


Lighten up, Francis!
The job's not finished until the paperwork is done!

The doggone thing looks like an abacus.
Ummm I hate to say this but

But if you look at your BLOG LINE
and the Picture Image ...



At least you won't hear...

But you "MIGHT" hear...

Mikey did it again ... and the water
is going everywhereeeeeeeeeee......

And parents going ...
this is a video from you tube lol sky diving granny ! haha

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