Question about Seizure Triggers Temporal Lobe

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Hello, I'm new to the forum, I have had seizures for about 8 years, mainly absence with some CPS. I have had a couple of Grand Mal, but not for years. I have had probes and scans and according to the Neurologists my seizures are caused mainly by stress and lack of sleep. I'm use to dealing with daily life and as in most situations when I feel them about to happen I try to change the environment or get somewhere I will not be in the middle of the floor.

I'm use to smells, noises, certain tv shows etc that may cause seizures. I'm taking Lamictal and Tegretol for seizure control, and occurrences usually only a couple of small absence seizures per year now.

The reason for this post is for the last week, if I go to my local WalMart, soon as I get to the food section it triggers an absence seizure. Its like clock work I, have gone back a couple of days, (I know not the smartest thing to do) and had the same results. I have gone to this store for 8 years, no problems. Has anyone here ever had a similar problem with a location triggering seizures all of a sudden or am I just going crazy? Now I am thinking "oh this is where I'm going to have a seizure" and may even be causing them.


I find the stress of going back to the same location where I've had a seizure to be challenging; I've had a couple of seizures at church -- before I got in touch with myself and realized that the loud music was a trigger. Now, when I sit in my seat at church I have anxiety about another one. I've learned to let it go. My brain is going to do what it is going to do--there's not a darn thing I can do about it.

Is it the sudden change in temperature of going from frozen foods to other parts of the store? That's my best guess.

You're not crazy or going crazy. :)
hey, just my 2pence, but every time I go into a supermarket/ store I get that dreaded feeling that its going to happen, I get nauseous and a little shaky, and have many absence / dizzy spells I hang on to my cart for dear life and if infact I feel like im going down I just get to the floor...... but im not yet diagnosed with E, my symptoms may be coincidental with my recent bloods that show low thyroid, tomorrow I get the rest and im waiting for my EEG. but im pretty sure im light sensitive and hormonal triggers also, also rapid eye movements such as typing bother me and make me feel spaced out... and occasionally tv shows will make me go into "Aura"
Walmart gets mentioned by a lot of people:

could just be the lights there...
I have a friend who completely stopped going to church because of his fear of having a seizure in church. Same anxiety...
I'd blame the lighting. I've had some issues with that, but I also fell on me bum a few times when they painted a new crosswalk. The rest could have been residual.
I was going to say fluorescent lighting. I used to have a severe problem in a specific Target store.
Wal-mart has fluorescent lighting and skylights too maybe the combo? I have had a few at Publix and it is the lights in the refig. cold food section they have the motion lights that turn on when it detects movement... I don't go in those Isles anymore or have someone get it for me.. the workers at the store all know me by name. Lol
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