1. M

    LACK of caffeine trigger?

    So last night I had some very severe tonic-clonic seizures. Other than last night, I've had only one other cluster in the past like 6 months. I noticed something though.. Both times I haven't had any caffeine in my body. I know that sounds normal for most people, but I'm a serious Mountain Dew...
  2. G

    Question about Seizure Triggers Temporal Lobe

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, I have had seizures for about 8 years, mainly absence with some CPS. I have had a couple of Grand Mal, but not for years. I have had probes and scans and according to the Neurologists my seizures are caused mainly by stress and lack of sleep. I'm use to dealing...
  3. pretty_liquor

    Seizures and hunger/low blood sugar

    Hello, I've always noticed that if I'm hungry I'm more likely to have a seizure. I try to eat at set times. I've been tested for diabetes a few times due to the reaction I have when I haven't eaten for a while - shaky, pale, weak, and then usually an aura and/or seizure. I've been told my...
  4. A

    Seizure Triggers

    What are your seizure Triggers? I know most EEGs diagnose Epilepsy with the strobing light and hyperventilation but can you have epilepsy without those kind of triggers? I also know it's hard to diagnose from an EEG when you don't have a seizure during it, so if you're not photosensitive or go...
  5. Chel

    Awaiting diagnosis

    Hi, I'm new here, and don't yet have a confirmed diagnosis. A pocket history... 10 months ago at the start of a 9 wk migraine, I had an episode of aphasia and dysphasia. When I eventually told my doctor (3 wks later) he sent me to hospital as a suspect TIA, they ran a CT and found temporal...
  6. P

    [Research] Epilepsy & Migraines — Kissing Cousins

    A strong relationship between migraines and epilepsy has long been suspected. But now it is fact, according to extensive research cited by Steven Karceski, MD in Practical Neurology Magazine. People with epilepsy are more than twice as likely to develop migraine headaches as those without the...
  7. J

    My daughter's brave video about seizures

    My daughter recently wrote a poem about what it feels like to go through a seizure. I think it is amazing. She has put it up on YouTube. You can see it by searching for Tack1800 on YouTube and selecting "The Seizure State". I'd post a link, but haven't been listed here long enough yet.
  8. R

    Weird triggers?

    I apologise in advance if this sounds a bit odd but, I find when my hands are cold I have several petit mal seizures one after another, especially if I'm reading, but I do find reading stresses me out these days I also found when I was doing my later years in school for maths I found I couldn't...
  9. H

    Camphor-containing products tied to kids seizures
  10. R

    Getting to know your triggers

    A lot of people who are newly diagnosed with epilepsy don't know exactly what triggers a seizure. So when you are coherent enough to do it, ask yourself these questions: 1-What was I doing prior to the seizure? If you can pinpoint your activities, you may just find that you can identify a...
  11. S

    Noob here justs wondering what people think. All opinions welcome.

    Hey all. This is just a topic to see if anybody shares similar symptoms, feelings or opinions about this. I'm 18 years old and have suffered from Idiopathic Generalised Epilepsy all my life. My epilepsy is something I've always put up with but recently its been driving me mad. For four years I...
  12. Cinnabar

    "Normal Provocatives?"

    After reading up on seizure triggers for Temporal Lobe Epilespy -that's my category - I've come to understand that even reading can cause episodes. Now, I've been an avid reader for many years but since my first Tonic Clonic seizure last year (nearly poked out an eye - that would make reading...
  13. H

    Seizure Triggers

    Does anyone know what can trigger your seizures? What do you usually do to avoid these triggers. My triggers are usually not enough rest or if I forget to take my medicine. Besides me has anyone forgotten to take their medicine?
  14. H

    breakthrough seizure-stress?

    Can stress cause breakthrough seizures? Josh has been taking his medicine daily (finally got a pill box so he wouldn't miss a dose) but he had a seizure at work the day after thanksgiving......we had been going though a tremendous amount of stress that week and a half- our dog got very sick and...
  15. BIGMAN131307

    Weird Seizure Triggers! Do you have any?

    Does anyone have or know of weird seizure triggers besides things like weather changes, stress, strange smells, etc?? Well in my personal battle with seizures I believe I have uncovered one. I experienced this trigger between 99-00 when I was in college. At the time I wasn't on any "real...
  16. RanMan

    Seizure triggers ~ Casinos

    :?: :?: :?: IMO the flashing lights and all the noise (ringing bells, loud music etc) at a casino are HUGE triggers for epilepsy, especially if you have the photo sensative type of epilepsy. Randy
  17. T

    hot weather

    Hi. i am in the uk, and for us we have had extremely hot tempertures, my epilepsy has got worse, but my work is trying to make things hard. I have an appt with my neurologist on 4th sept. I take tegretol R and keppra. Any suggestions. i was diagnosed 6 years ago, i have tonic clonic ...
  18. Bernard

    Epilepsy Triggers

    Have you identified any triggers for your seizures? What are they and how did you identify them? For Stacy, we are aware of the following:caffeine - ingesting a small amount almost guarantees a grand mal seizure within 24 hourssugar - ingesting a lot of sugar is usually followed by seizure...
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