Weird Seizure Triggers! Do you have any?

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Does anyone have or know of weird seizure triggers besides things like weather changes, stress, strange smells, etc??

Well in my personal battle with seizures I believe I have uncovered one. I experienced this trigger between 99-00 when I was in college. At the time I wasn't on any "real AED", because my last neurologist at the time said I had migraines. During that time in college I had seizures often. But the strange thing was I experienced the most in one particular class. The class was held in various buildings and rooms, so it wasn't the classroom or building. So that leaves the professor/instructor himself or his voice.

Has anyone ever heard about people or their voices triggering seizures in others?


If you have a weird seizure trigger tell about it.
We were at the Palace Station Casino one night and a band was playing in the lounge. So we went in to listen. I sat in from of the sub-woofer and all of a sudden I had to get the hell out! My stomach felt very strange and I went into a simple partical. It took about 10 minutes for things to settle back down. It was something about the vibrations in the sound waves. Never much of a person for loud music and I have always hated to hear cars driving by with the damn music blasting and the bass boosted. It makes my stomach feel tight and strange and I get very irritated.
Yes - when I could hear and feel vibrations,
Synchronizers will trip seizures on certain sound
effect. It is also known as Musicogenic Epilepsy
or Musicogenic Seizures.

It's the certain pitch: frequency and hertz that
would cause me to lapse into Absence (Petit Mal)
or Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal).

Certain keys of the music scale will trigger a
seizure in me if it's extended hold. I had to stop
playing flute/piccolo/oboe because of the octave
scale that would set me off. And likewise with the
Chimes and Glockenspiel - had to back off from
playing those, unless the player was out sick I
wore cotton balls and ear plugs so I wouldn't hear
myself play.

I do have photos of me with various instruments,
newspaper and from High School Band Parents.

(I am profoundly deaf and cannot feel vibrations
Yes - when I could hear and feel vibrations,
Synchronizers will trip seizures on certain sound
effect. It is also known as Musicogenic Epilepsy
or Musicogenic Seizures.

It's the certain pitch: frequency and hertz that
would cause me to lapse into Absence (Petit Mal)
or Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal).

So I'm not crazy. It was possible that the professor of my class's voice could have triggered those seizures. Well if I ever go back to that college, I'll asked to be in a different class.
Most definitely not. The research I've been finding backs up everything Brain was saying perfectly. It ALSO backs up my own experiences which tend to prove certain frequencies can be the 'antivirus' or 'good'/'healing' sounds as on with the research!
BTW, I can't stand the subwoofer cabinets either and I'm a bass player going on 23 years now?!?...go figure! It's a very fine line between beneficial and negative sometimes.:brock:Rock on
My son just reminded me; I cannot tolerate
COLD it will trigger
either Acute Classic Migraine or Seizure(s).
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Whoa! that regular 'winter's here' cold that creeps up or more of a 'startle seizure' result from someone doing the old ice cube on your back prank? (I HATE that one...but used to do it to my sisters, so...:rolleyes:
One of my triggers is the spice nutmeg.

We also suspect it was a trigger for my best friend who has since passed on.

What do you consider odd?

My triggers are strobe lights, stress, and when my blood sugar drops too low. So what do you consider odd? :)
Only those that live in CA are odd. Didn't you know that?
My mom thinks if I yell it induces some of my seizures....she thinks there is something going wrong with my vagus nerve...? something like that..that's really all I've noticed for me...

Someone my friend knows apparently has seizures whenever she hears the sound of crickets or blugrass music. I think that is pretty amazing... :rock:
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tripping or otherwise losing footing

In recent years a loss of footing sets off what I suspect is a petit mal seizure. My brain goes haywire, and I am disabled from preventing a fall to the ground. After the fall, brain function returns to normal, and I can get on my feet. But when the trigger occurs, I cannot extend an arm or leg to prevent the fall, or lessen its effects. The whole incident--from trigger through fall to recovery--lasts a few seconds.

I am 72 years old now, and had grand mal seizures from age 15 to 35. I have been on dilantin for 57 years.
hmm those actually sound like Atonic seizures to me. You should look into that.
atonic stumbling trigger

Thank you, Rae1889. I looked into it, and indeed it does seem like an atonic. However, I did not find anything concrete pointing to a stumble as a trigger. In my case the event only occurs if I stumble. Any ideas?
Weird patterns, when they are on a large scale set me off. Like the huge fake zebra pattern that was used as upholstry on the booth at the restaurant we were eating at. Seizure.

Also ceiling fans.
I don't have any odd ones--just the relatively common ones---sleep deprivation, onset of menstruation, stress, missed meds, and flickering flourescent lighting.

A guy that I met with epilepsy though does have a couple of odd ones. He was also diagnosed fairly late in life (about 2 years ago, when he was 41) and besides the normal triggers, the following situations have sent him into a tonic clonic seizure:

--Someone suddenly sneaking up behind him and popping a balloon (the person who did this didn't know my friend had epilepsy and felt awful about it later on)

--Vertigo attacks--This guy suffers from vertigo, and if he looks up too quickly, that will also bring on a seizure.

--Altitude changes--He doesn't like the sudden climb after takeoff in airplanes for obvious reasons and once broke his collarbone and injured a fellow passenger in a particularly bad tonic-clonic in a plane during a particularly steep takeoff due to bad weather.

--Like Endless, large-scale loud patterns...when a large zebra-print mural was unveiled or he walked past it while staring at it, he had a seizure.

I guess those would count as fairly unique triggers?
Chai tea

Something in chai tea (which contains a combination of spices) is a trigger, but we don't know specifically what.

Chai tea had me climbing the walls, not getting any sleep (probably having nocturnal seizures), having the full range of simple partials and I also had some complex partials. At the time, I thought I was going mad, as I just couldn't function at work or at home.

Since diagnosed with temporal lobe E, and now much more under control (mostly due to controlling my triggers, along with Tegretol, although I need a higher dose). The rest of my triggers are pretty "standard".


Are you sure that the tripping part is not just the beginning of the seizure? A friend of mine has atonics as well, and when she has them--just about anywhere--she's invariably walking, so she trips. Although, she has been known to fall up some stairs before......because of an atonic
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