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  1. S

    help! i just chickened out asking for antidepressants

    Hello all of you awesome people! I need your advice pleeeease! A couple of years ago (about three months after I got epilepsy and was started on keppra, Ive got temporal lobe epilepsy, left side) I was put on an antidepressant but it didnt do anything but make me tired and next to a little baby...
  2. T

    Refractory Epilepsy and Controlling Seizures

    Hi, my name is Tyler, I'm 21 and I'm new to the forum. I was diagnosed with complex partial TLE over two years ago and am considered refractory. I have on average about 15-25 seizures a month. I've had two 15 min EEG's, a 3 hour EEG, and an overnight EEG with one abnormality on one of the test...
  3. O

    Temporal Lobe: When your epilepsy gives you psychological symptoms

    Hello, can anyone relate? Basically I have only ever had one major tonic clonic seizure After a couple of weeks I was put on Lamotrigine then switched to Topirmate due to a really bad allergic reaction. I get auras and the following symptoms - increasing anxiety (not the classic anxiety that...
  4. S

    Religious seizures & TLE

    Hi folks, My epilepsy is generally well controlled but I also suffer from the occasional psychosis. I live in India(Kerala) currently so while I've heard people with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy(TLE) frequently suffer from religious seizures and hyperreligiousity I have yet to find a support group...
  5. Sinead

    Oh, hi! About me.

    Hi from Australia. My temporal lobe seizures started decades ago. The likely cause is an angioma. They are well controlled by tegretol and lamictal with no issues until now. My liver enzymes are now sky high and it looks like tegretol may no longer a good drug for me. This is very unexpected...
  6. G

    Question about Seizure Triggers Temporal Lobe

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, I have had seizures for about 8 years, mainly absence with some CPS. I have had a couple of Grand Mal, but not for years. I have had probes and scans and according to the Neurologists my seizures are caused mainly by stress and lack of sleep. I'm use to dealing...
  7. X

    Keppra XR. Worth it?

    In a nutshell, I have TLE and been diagnosed for about a month and a half now. My seizures come in clusters every 3-4 months or so. My neurologist prescribed me Keppra XR. She said if I take this, all my seizures will cease down and I'll be able to live a normal life and I can drive again and...
  8. RunningGirl85

    EEG Results? Frontal lobe epilepsy?

    Okay, just a question for you people who are more experienced with dealing with EEGs and whatnot. I just now saw the description from my EEG results that were done after my last tonic-clonic. I guess I was right when I thought the neurologist said frontal lobe abnormalities. This is from the...
  9. L

    Temporal epilepsy info required

    Hi everybody, I'm new here and I'm new to the whole epilepsy thing too! I was told I have abnormal activity in the left temporal lobe region last week by a psychiatrist after I had an EEG (I initially went to him as I thought I was going crazy). However, the psychiatrist appears to be IGNORING...
  10. M

    Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Ictal Headaches

    Hello everyone, I'm new to coping with epilepsy and I've found myself fitting in with many posts. I'm 27yrs old and I've been in psychiatric treatment for 12yrs for depression, anxiety, and OCD. since 1993-4 when I was 10 I've had sleeping issues that are a bit different than the common sleep...
  11. M

    Temporal Lobe Seizures or Partial?

    Hi, all. Newbie here. :/ I have had a strange history of "weird" stuff. I am 48, female, married with kids. I posted my history and symptoms in my profile. I will do it again at the bottom here. I recent;y saw a Neurologist for a weird thing that happened to me a couple of yrs ago. I call it my...
  12. AmandaLynn

    Goin in Dec 10 for Invasive EEG and possible Temporal Lobe Rection :einstein:

    Hi there everyone I'm wondering if I can get some input from those out there that have gone through the invasive EEG, and/or completed a Temporal Lobe Recection? I've gone through all other testing, I'm set to go in to the Hospital Dec. 10th and I'm just now starting to get a bit...
  13. M

    Temporal lobe -Memory & Concentration problems?

    Hi, I am being investigated for TLE. I had an EEG and an MRI and they both came back negative. I have seen one consultant and she is sending me to someone else for a second opinion. I am still experiencing these weird episodes that come on suddenly, i feel a bit nauseous & i feel really weird...
  14. M

    New to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.. advice on medication?

    I am very new to this and terrified. I had an MRI and find the results out tomorrow. They are telling me it is in my temporal Lobe, and I don't know what that means. I have a prescription for Lamictal or Lamotrigine, and am scared to take it. Any advice or words of wisdom for me? :-)
  15. B

    Student life after brain surgery

    Hi everybody I'm a 23 year old student from South Africa. I've just created a blog to share how epilepsy and brain surgery has effected my student life. I see I can't post the link here yet, so I better get chatting. I had a the tip of left temporal lobe removed. I've learned so much about my...
  16. P

    Epilepsy, anxiety and depression

    Getting diagnosed with epilepsy is depressing enough. As is suffering through the consequences. And the sheer anxiety of not knowing how and when a seizure can occur can occur can be crippling in itself. Will it be in school, at a party, while you’re showering, eating, walking down stairs, or...
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