EEG Results? Frontal lobe epilepsy?

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Okay, just a question for you people who are more experienced with dealing with EEGs and whatnot. I just now saw the description from my EEG results that were done after my last tonic-clonic. I guess I was right when I thought the neurologist said frontal lobe abnormalities. This is from the results:

"She also had an EEG whichs howed some asymmetic frontal slowing and some sharply contoured waves in the RL frontal regions."

??? Does that mean frontal lobe epilepsy? Or can that be anywhere? Because none of my symptoms point to frontal lobe... They all seem to be temporal lobe. I guess I have all sorts of different types of auras, though. But I still thought they were all temporal lobe (psychic, smell, sometimes ringing in the ear, weird sensations in my stomach seem to be really popular as of late). Anyone else have a similar experience? This doesn't specify what TYPE of epilepsy I am dealing with... It just has a diagnosis of epilepsy. I'm just curious what you all think/what your experiences are?
I have the symtpoms you describe & also have dejavu, psychic smell, temporary loss of memory, the weird or gnawing sensations in my stomach. I was diagnosed with temporal lobe seizures by one neuro by my MRI, but another dr did an eeg & said I wasn't having seizures. I don't know who to believe in my case either.
Both the frontal lobes and the temporal lobes can generate similar kinds of seizures --simple partial or complex partial, often with secondary generalization. Parts of the frontal lobes affect the hippocampus and amygdala just as the temporal lobes do. So the symptoms aren't necessarily all that different, especially if the seizure activity spreads from one lobe to the other.
Hmm.. interesting. I knew they could all generalize the similar types of seizures, but I didn't know the symptoms were usually so similar. As I understood it, frontal lobe seemed more to do with movements, and more at night. I get jerks at night sometimes - always have - but I always thought that was similar to what a lot of people get. Never attributed that to epilepsy. I did just look at symptoms again and epigastric auras are pretty common, and I do get that one quite frequently. I find this topic so interesting, haha.
Yeah, there are 6 or 7 different regions of the frontal lobe, so it may depend in part if the focus fro the seizure activity is specific to one particular area, and if it spreads.
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