1. M

    Understanding EEG

    Hello all! I'm new here, and I'll start with some background info. I previously had a cerebral AVM rupture that resulted in a craniotomy to repair. Last year, a regrowth, residual, or new development was detected deep within the brain and radiostatic surgery was the best option (so far, no...
  2. StrongerThanEpilepsy

    Update after V-EEG, so done with doctors.

    So I know I posted a few months ago about how I was upset because it seems that doctors were tossing my diagnosis around and I got responses from multiple people so I thought it would be rude to not update. I had a five day video eeg without any events. I was exercised on the bike three times a...
  3. StrongerThanEpilepsy

    Removing EEG glue from thick hair?

    After an annoying five day V-EEG, I have so much glue stuck in my hair. The problem is that my hair is extremely thick and it won't come out. It took ten washes with a 24 hour EEG. These "Oh just let conditioner or oil sit in your hair for 30 minutes" does not work! I even let conditioner sit in...
  4. StrongerThanEpilepsy

    EMU: What do I need to know?

    So I sucked it up and scheduled a v-eeg yesterday. I was surprised that I was able to get in at the last Monday of the month. I could have gotten in a week earlier but I couldn't because of something else. I'm not mentally ready for this test already. :paperbag: So for those that have had a...
  5. PlumeAgate

    Float tank therapy

    I've been wanting to try this float tank therapy for a while now, where you lay in a large tank of shallow water that's supersaturated with epsom salt so you don't sink. It takes all the weight off of your body and puts you into a very relaxed dreamlike state, the goal is total sensory...
  6. J

    Which EEG?

    I have been reading some threads on EEGs. I might be going for one soon. Is video EEG the best type to get and if not which EEG did you have and was it thorough/detailed enough? Thanks.
  7. M

    Correlation between ADD and epilepsy in EEG in child

    I'm mother of a girl (soon will be 6 years old), which lately had certain health issues: vertigo, dimming of vision, weakness, headaches very rare, in case she gets scared of conditions above her lips go whiter (you can notice when fear manifests on her face), she is often stares, but she is...
  8. F

    new here: denial & recent video eeg

    hello everyone. so here's my epilepsy history. the abbreviated version, anyway. i'm just gonna put this banana here because i like bananas. :banana: i'm new here. when i was about 12 i had a grand mal seizure which led to testing. my initial diagnosis was generalized epilepsy. i am now 26...
  9. skyfire322

    Current neurologist refusing MRI

    At my latest appointment with my current neurologist, I had asked him if an MRI would be something to look into as I have only had one when I was diagnosed, and just to make sure all of the bases were covered. He said that it is pointless to do one, since I have generalized epilepsy and that...
  10. J

    Good news!

    Just wanted to share some good news. I've been on Vimpat for 5 months, had an EEG and it was completely normal for the first time!! I am allowed to drive again. Woohoo
  11. I

    Help! Don't know likelihood of epilepsy/seizures

    Hi all, I so appreciate in advance your help. I'm a 27 year old female, and in my life I've had two seizures. The first was when I was fifteen, and had consumed (for the first time in my life) quite a bit of alcohol. The second is a bit more of a mystery. It occurred when I was 19, and I...
  12. kurt.othmer

    [Recommended] Brian's Legacy: As Shared by His Father Siegfried Othmer

    I'm so grateful for the discussions and attention that neurofeedback and my family's history has received here on Coping With Epilepsy. I would love to invite you all to check out this book, based on the journal that my brother kept as a young man as he fought to manage everything surrounding...
  13. L

    Help with EEG

    Im having a hour and a half long EEG tomorrow and was wandering if I can take my ipod or phone (I have adhd I need to consently be doing something) and an hour And half is a long time for me to sit still, any advice will be helpful thank you :)
  14. B

    24 Hour EEG, head throbbing

    Hello... I am new to this forum, not a troll or anything. Just one simple question. I am being tested for epilepsy and a bunch of other things, I had an hour and a half EEG done Friday of last week, and I am now in the process of the 24 hour EEG. They wrapped my head to prevent anything from...
  15. D

    What kindof seizures are these?

    Are these atonic seizures or cataplexy? I have been having seizures for over 3 years now (I'm 28). They have only progressed despite taking Neurontin, Lamictal, Valium and Xanax. They started out as simple partials (flashing lights, nausea, hallucinations: olfactory, visual and auditory)...
  16. thornton8000

    Starting over again

    Hello gang, I'm starting over with a new neuro in 3 days since the last one I was just seeing decided he didn't know what tests to run and couldn't make sense of all my symptoms, so I'm starting with a new neuro to try and nail down my seizures (the call them invoulantary body movements since...
  17. A

    Newly diagnosed with epilepsy and have some questions!

    I recently had an MRI, sleep study, and EEG done d/t having episodes of waking up in the middle of the night confused followed by muscle shaking. The MRI and sleep study were benign (besides mucousal thickening of my sinuses), but the EEG showed independent interictal theta wave spikes in my...
  18. thornton8000

    Took my son in

    long time no see everyone hope your well. I took my son into has his first EEG today and did that because he has absent seizures and whole body shakes that the docs cant figure out so hopefully the EEG gives us some answers to get him started on getting some help. Thought I'd keep everyone up...
  19. K

    Please Help If Possible! :)

    My four-year-old daughter got taken by an ambulence from preschool April 4, 2013. She was diagnosed as having a complex partial seizure. She was given a CT, blood work, and urninalysis. Everything came out good. She was admitted overnight, and was given an EEG the next day, which was not...
  20. P

    First eeg today... how did they know i was tired?

    Hi everyone, haven't been on for a while i had my first EEG today and wasn't really looking forward to it because i didn't sleep much at all last night. Anyway it all went ok, think i fell asleep :/ didn't like the breathing thing! but at the end of it she asked me if i was tired, i said yes and...
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