Stroke vs. Todds Paralysis

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I am new to this forum as i need some sort of support system. I was diagnosed with left sided tempotal epilepsy when i was 23. I am now 25. Since then i have been hospitalised several times for "status epilepticus".

More recently i had something very scary happen. I was trying to go to sleep when the right half of my face became numb. I ignored it as nothing until my right arm and right leg became numb. I then started having left sided chest pain and a terrible headache. Once i made it to the ER they called a stroke code. I was then admitted for "observation" due to my MRI and CT coming back normal. Two days later it happened again but this time i was unable to move my right side. Again another stroke code was called. I had 4 different diagnosis when i was discharged. The first being a complex migrane, the second being stress (was not stressed at the time), third being a side effect of my topamax, and the fourth being possible seizure activity with the todds paralysis post seizure.

I am no stranger to seizures as mine start with a focal and usually end with a grand mal. I was completly coherent during the "non stroke" episodes. And remebered them fully. I was wondering has this happened to anyone else? I live alone and the thought of not being able to dial 911 for help or my throat being paralysed is terrifying to me. My nuerologist ruled out seizure activity and is bouncing me over to a cardiologist. I feel like no one knows what happened so they are sending me from specialist to specialist.

Any input is welcomed. Thanks
Hi beachgirl7, welcome to CWE!

We have a few members who have mentioned Todd's Paresis/Paralysis. The threads below may be of interest:

Unfortunately, we have plenty of members have struggled to get a clear diagnosis -- I hope you get one soon, and get a clean bill of health from the cardiologist. How did your neurologist ruled out Todd's and/or hemiparetic focal seizures? It seems to fit your symptoms quite well.

She hasnt ruled todds out completely- due to me being coherent and not postictal during both events she stated it probably wasnt a seizure. She then did an EEG with no seizure activity found. But thats no surprize every EEG i have had came back with no seizure activity only "slowness" in the left temporal region.

I want to know the right questions to ask when i go in because quite frankly i am frusterated. The thought of going paralysed again when im alone (as i live alone and am not willing to give that up) is terrifying. I dont know why this is happening randomly. I dont know what caused me to get epilepsy in the first place. No one seems to have any answers and my condition just seems to worsen each year.
Has the Topomax helped your symptoms at all? Has your dose been adjusted in response to the worsening of your symptoms?
I still get numb out of no where without having seizures. Tomorow is my appt with cardio i will let you know what they say.
I hope the appointment goes well. Good luck!
Ok so i had my appt.

I was placed on a 3 lead holster monitor for 24 hours due to heart rate being so irratic. I have an echo cardiogram on the 15th. She wants to place me on some blood pressure medication to increase my blood pressure. She explained sometimes seizure medications can cause dysrythmias which can cause chest pain - and sometimes people with epilepsy have a hard time controling low blood pressure because their hearts electrical system is off as well. So this would help with my chest pain, shortness of breath, and feeling dizzy but it does not address half my body going numb,

It happened again lastnight and i took video to show my nuero how fast it comes on. Within 7 seconds my right half was paralysed. Im honestly thinking there is a clot somewhere. My cardiologist also gave me a print out of my MRI results and told me to ask my nuero to go over it with me (she told me it was a normal MRI initially) they read:

"There is a punctate focus of susceptibility/hemosiderin deposition, left paramedian pons, which in retrospect was present on the prior study. On todays study there may be a correlative faint hyperintense focus on the FLAIR sequence in this area. No enhancement or restricted diffusion. This may represent an occult vascular malformation. There is no evidence of hemmorage. Note is made of retention polyp right maxillary sinus."

I will keep you all updated as i continue this rollercoaster ride.
The hemosiderin deposition suggests that there might have been some microbleed in the past. An occult vascular malformation might indicate a lesion that is often connected to seizures. A lesion in the pons (the region of the brainstem through which the trigeminal nerve runs) could arise from an interruption to the blood supply to the artery, and could potentially cause sleep disturbances (including sleep paralysis) and sensory disturbances. A left-sided injury could be a clue to why you are experiencing loss of sensation on the right of your body. I hope your neuro is able to figure out what's going on.
Thank you for breaking that down for me- now i feel so much more informed when going into see her next! I will keep you updated, thanks again.
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