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Thanks to everyone who suggested a 2nd opinion!
I just got a letter in the mail today stating my old neuro is leaving the clinic he was working at, so it was a good choice to get that 2nd opinion, (now it makes me wonder if I was to much work for him and was part of his choice to leave! :) lol)
But since the new one has done more in one visit than he did in a year this is not all bad.

I got my MRI done yesterday, and they were all listed as MS and seizure so I know exactly what else he is looking for but wont know the results till I can get an appointment with him in a week or so.

My PCP order more blood work and those results should be in a few days, lymes, 3 month glucose, and something else i didnt see what it was.
I'll make sure to update everyone with all the results when they are in!

You're finally starting to get some answers and found a neurologist who works with you! That's great news! :D
yes it is now as long as i get a call back soon for a follow up it'll be better rofl!
I am so happy for you that you were able to find a new doc! I will keep my fingers crossed for great test results :)
Just goes to show what a huge difference having the right doc can make.
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