The <<BAN>> game!!!

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I ban SB for returning after I already banned her? Like double you tee eff?
I ban CrunchyFrog for no longer having a frog avitar (congrats on getting married :D)
:eek:I ban P-Funk for having a picture of a very high cliff in his profile picture with no regard for people who may have a fear of heights :eek:

Thanks :) It was a great day.
I ban Maisy for never having eaten a frog. They taste nice on toast.

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I ban CrunchyFrog for animal cruelty...I also use an Ace Ventura call of the wild technique to send an army of angry frogs to find CrunchyFrog and devour him completely for the sake of their lost comrade...YOUR DEATH WILL NOT BE IN VAIN MY SLIMY LITTLE GREEN FRIEND! :D
I ban MrE for saying that frogs are slimy. They prefer the terms glossy or lustrous.
lol are we really gonna do this mate?

k here we go!

I ban P-Funk for banning MrE who banned P-Funk for re-banning MrE
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