The <<BAN>> game!!!

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I ban Cazzy for not thinking spiders are cute :)
I ban CrunchyFrog for posting a creepy cute spider that luv's me :)
I ban Crunchy Frog, for not providing a can of "Raid" to kill ALL! Cute spiders!
I ban Cazzy for mentioning "Big Spiders" after Seizingbeuty had already said it once. Therefore, baning Seizingbeauty and any CWE member that from this day, do dare mention "BIG CREEPY SPIDERs" ever again! Off with it's head I say!!!!

Uggggggg! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
You couldn't tell by my cat, she thinks its like fishing, a catch and release sport....

i ban Crunchy frog for being soo much tastier than any nasty spider
I ban Cazzy for not liking my spider picture....... What's not to love about a spider that 'wuvs' you.
I ban SB for being the 256th post. The number 256 is a perfect square of 16 (MY birthday) and can be written multiple different and interesting ways being a square of a square of a square. So basically I'm the math nerd and you stole a cool number from me ipsofacto, you're banned.
I ban Cheski for being a math nerd and coming up with a much more interesting way of banning someone than I could ever think of.
I ban Crunchy for jealousy. :p :)

..and for having a cool gif for his profile picture
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