The <<BAN>> game!!!

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I ban myself a third time for turning the banning game into an unresolvable recursive paradox.
I ban futureghost for overt honking.

(I was actually going to say 'over thinking' the recursive paradox. But my IPad autocorrect turned it into 'overt honking', so I thought I'd keep it)
I ban Crunchy Frog for relying on autocorrect for cute ideas and forgetting all about Luthor and Ferdinand. Now they will be mine Mwah hahahahahaha
I ban seizingbeauty for easily giving up your secret identity.

(Now everyone is going to know your name. Supervillian fans will be everywhere, calling day and night. Every government in the world will be after you. Thats going to make it pretty hard to defend your super volcano lair.)
i ban p-funk cos i think the p stands for porno so she get more money than me
I ban cazzy for calling me a girl. :) (spoiler alert I'm not) :)
I ban CrunchyFrog for hating happiness

I ban seizingbeauty for alerting everyone of my 'smiley killing' crimes...... I don't want any trouble with the fuzz.
Oh yah! :p I double banned CrunchyFrog for wanting to be banned.
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