the person below me

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this slightly different version to crunchy frogs verson

i say the person below me is having willd sex tonight
the other person got option to say yes or give reason doing something else.
so here we go

is having wild sex tonight.. so next person may say
i wish but having cup of coco and off to bed
Nope.. I'm watching television.

needs to be reminded that it's valentine's day on the 14th
Nope, dark brown with bleached strips that are usually a fun color. Thinking about going back to turquoise.

tpbm is watching reruns
Yes, I'm afraid most of what I watch are reruns :(
is a member of cwe
Yep! (And it's cool, I love reruns we don't have cable anymore, we mostly watch Netflix)

tpbm likes to craft
Kind of....I'd love to have a dog, but I think I like my cat better. I've had her 12 years, so it could just be the attachment.

tpbm prefers to have some kind of noise around, like music playing or a movie in the background.
Please, not dr who - scared me as a child, not watched it since

eats in bed
nope, the crumbs will stick to you over the course of the night

is afraid of the dark
Nope.. daylight is more frightening!

knows the words to at least one abba song
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