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Not in height but yes in attention span.

drinks loads of coffee
Actually, I don't drink coffee but I LOVE the smell of it. Coffee makes me more jittery than a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. I'd like a cuppa o' tea please.

likes to sleep with windows open
Actually I do and then I get angry hungry! It happens to both my wife and I. We agree to keep conversation to a minimum till we get some food in us.

Hates the sound of slurping
Yes, quite correct. Had Work Experience for 2 weeks and today, I must have realised how much I was missing lunch from the canteen. :D

Tpbm likes orange squash (I LOVE DRINKING IT!)
Never heard of it, though I'm intrigued. (I make a great shep. pie...except I can't get lamb locally, so mine is beef :/ )

tpbm is trying very hard not to lose their shit. Keep it together.....just a little longer.
Whats going on? I am having one of those weeks/months.

tpbm waiting to have access to the television, so I don't have to endure the kardashians.
LOL well, access to the shows we stream on the internet, yes. (just a hard time dealing with all of this. Increase in seizures off meds, having a very hard time finding a job and some family bullshit that I can't get into here...I"ll come around, just having a 'splodey day')

TPBM is anxious to get active! Running, biking, swimming, SOMETHING. Come on SPRING!!
Yes, but not specifically right now where I am, where it is 06:58 am. I would absolutely LOVE to join a local archery club or cross-country club :).

Tpbm is not going to do anything for Valentine's Day.
Ooooh archery <3 - my 11 yr old is in cross country, so he keeps me motivated, I just need slightly warmer weather before I am motivated enough to actually go lol

Nope, never do!! We aren't big celebrators here. We'll do something cute for the kids, maybe heart shaped pancakes but the Hubby and I never do anything special. (Not even on our anniversary which was 12 years this year!!)

TPBM is out of coffee this morning!
Well, I don't have any coffee on hand, but I don't have a liking for it myself, I prefer tea.

TPBM enjoyed watching Ang Lee's latest film "The Life of Pi" [I heard it's good]
I prefer the occasional cappuccino. A cup of tea now and then is good for me too.

I wanted to watch that movie, but I was too busy.

TPBM didn't eat lunch today.
Yeah, actually, my sleeping pattern is so bad, I had my breakfast, then some time afterwards, I went to sleep, then when I woke up, it was time for dinner not long after I rose.

TPBM loves the sound of crashing rain, and thunder, and hail, all combining together to tumultuous effect.
I'm out of step with modern times, it seems. While most people I know carry a mobile with them, I do not and still write hand written letters to my friends.

TPBM enjoys tending the garden outside.
No, because my garden has a concrete floor. I would like to plant some lavender, maybe in a small pot. That would be super.

TPBM is scared of cats.
afraid not.. they scared of me got tom cat i rescued i feed it love it but hates my guts

tpbm going to see a show this week
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