the person below me

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TPBM has their meals cooked for them 🙂
(I’m lucky my mum cooks meals for me when she’s cooking a big meal and freezes them)
I have a few techniques but I’ve got an appointment with psychologist on Monday

TPBM has a headache / migraine 🤯
(Stupid me didn’t take my migraine tab before it started turning into a bad headache yesterday )
Nah, but I am worn out from work.

Tpbm has home improvements going on in their house.
No apt, but I have a few ideas I'd do if I could.

TPBM - has a desire to move anywhere away from everyday madness.
Yes an island or a quite cabin in the bush.
I’d be happy with the sound of animals etc and that’s it

TPBM just forgot what they were going to type 🤯🤦‍♀️
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