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Yes, but only of they are fall off the bone ready

TPBM - Needs a swift kick in the _____ to get things done on time. lol
Well I guess so

Still haven’t done my mums Mother’s Day present, at this stage it’s going to be Christmas. She’s fine with that 😊

TPBM is going to do some stuff they’ve been putting of right now
No, my butt is gonna be on the couch! Just got off work, not doing anything for awhile.

Tpbm just realized they need to go shopping.
No thanks, I'll take some pineapple juice

Tpbm has had a lazy day.
Yes - don’t know where the day went 🤣

TPBM is listening to music
Kinda, have to clean a room, but don't know where to start.

TPBM - Needs to do some fall cleaning.

TPBM is listening to their pets playing
(Night time here and my parrot is playing with a toy I got her today lol,
Think the budgies asleep)
I’ve had both but I think I’d prefer dogs

TPBM prefers pets / animals over human 🤣
Many times yes. Feed me, Walk me, Pet me, nothing wrong with that. Unlike humans no arterial motives. ;)

TPBM - Would like to exchange a few select people for pets/animals.
Nope, just got up about 20 minutes ago [currently 3:54 AM EST]

TPBM - Is a night owl / early riser or something like that.
Wow too early for me

Sort of going to be decent time (around 10), get up between 7:15 :7:30
8 if I’m real lazy

TPBM has a busy week coming up 🙄
Nope I rent but I wish my real estate would do some much needed maintenance

TPBM is in much need of a haircut
Nah..had one 6 weeks ago, still looks cute.

Tpbm has been in a bad mood today.
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