the person below me

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I love fried green tomatoes. Still from the south

The person below me enjoys fried calzones
False..but I know air frying is healthier..😂

tpbm has crummy handwriting.
(raising paw) Guilty, for sure.

TPBM -Actually keeps medicine in their medicine cabinets.
Nope..hahaha. Mostly perfume, lotions and makeup removers. :ROFLMAO:

Tpbm has their AC cranked.
True, central air. I'm in Texas, it's already been 100+ degrees a few times this month. August is our hottest month too. :oops:(n)

tpbm wishes they lived in a cooler climate.
Yes, Hawaii counts, but change collected from beneath the couch cushions won't help much getting you there.

TPBM searches beneath other people's couch cushions for change and other items of interest...........
Yes, not accompanying a loud thunderstorm though.

tpbm has to water their yard.
Yes, it was my turn to grocery shop this week. My wife says I "mosey" when I shop. It did take me about two hours. But in my defense, it takes time to squeeze all the vegetables. You notice how the pre-bagged, better-priced fruits or veggies are in poorer condition? Maybe because people like me are abusing them.......

TPBM doesn't like root vegetables.
Yes/no - I do like onions, but my IBS doesn't so I go with onion powder when I can.

TPBM - eats too much junk food.
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