the person below me

Nah, waste of money. Strictly meat/potato type of guy.

TPBM prefers to stream rather than watch live (unless it's sports or similar)
Kinda, I stream cable. My sports watching has lowered because of the political BS.

TPBM - Would rather be outside instead of inside tied to a screen.
I prefer streaming in order to time my absences :)
Outside or inside... One or two of my meds forbid my being in direct sunlight so I take supplements.

Guns or knives?
Yep definitely, I just realised I did it in the this & that game 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

TPBM likes a good laugh
Nope, haven't been through a drive-thru in years.

TPBM - Would rather save money, than spend it on over priced bad food.
Save it, you can buy better things!

TPBM Likes to sing in the shower
I wouldnt turn one down. The bike needs a chain and new bearings all the way round

The person below can appreciate a tomato
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