the person below me

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No way, I only watch a few and Ilol
One is American Jeopardy, the rest are some Aussie ones.

TPBM has been on tv
Yes, but many years ago. I have plenty of my own junk.

TPBM - needs to get rid of some stuff/junk.
Nope try not to buy stuff I don’t need anymore lol, don’t have the space for junk 😆

TPBM loves chocolate
Don’t mind either.
i don’t have as much of a sweet tooth as I used to

TPBM is sick of medical appointments 🤪🙄
Yes for most appointments. I don't mind neuropsychologist appointments.

TPBM - Is going to eat pizza today.
Nope almost bed

TPBM is having a quite easter and intends to relax
I had poached eggs for lunch

TPBM has to do yard work this weekend sometime
Nah. I believe to keep the house nice instead of stress out when you might have guest

Tpbm likes bond movies
Yes, the real Bond movies.

TPBM - Prefers to watch movies at home, instead of in theaters.
Definitely, can’t concentrate with the noise. Prefer watching at home where it’s quite

The person below me hasn’t see any recent movies for a while
Yes, it's a rare for me to a see a movie released in the year it is released.

TPBM - Doesn't care if movie theaters are open.
Nope, we don’t have a movie theatre in my town. Have to go over the border to see the pictures

TPBM had a busy day and is tired
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