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It's already changed from cold and snow, to warm and sunny, and back to cold and snow within the last week!

Is trying to diet, and doing a pretty good job at it
"Kinda", if you call giving up soda dieting. Haven't drank any in 8-10yrs, don't miss it at all. :)

TPBM - drinks too much soda.
Nope sleep on my side

TPBM is hoping March is a quite month (not too busy)
(February was crazy for me, all my appts ended up that month so only there was only one week I didn’t have something on)
Yes, when I get to go. Here fishy, fishy! ><> ><> ><> ><> (y)

TPBM - Eats many kinds of fish.
Eat a couple but mainly salmon

TPBM doesnt eat enough fresh food
Yeah, but I try as hard as possible.

TPBM - has been shuffling their food purchases because of rising costs.
Haven't started looking for them yet, the snow's got too stop coming down first. I know mine are somewhere though....

Got a new bed spread

TPBM has to listen to someone elses music lol
(the boys in the back shed at work have the music up pretty loud so I can hear it in reception).
Yeah, because I don't sing. But I choose what I listen to.

TPBM - enjoys older music or current stuff.
Yeah, because I don't sing. But I choose what I listen to.
it was only one of the radio stations and the one the boys had on I listen to at home.
Sometimes the young guys have heavy metal on, that’s horrible 🙄

TPBM - enjoys older music or current stuff.
Definitely most of my music is 80s 🤣.
My bird enjoys it too 🤣, she always chirps at the older music then the newer music when it’s on the radio.

TPBM has to do house work but just has no motivation
nope, clean spaces are motivation enough to do it alone,

the person below has an athletic hobby
Unless you consider doing crossword puzzles athletic. You are moving your hands a lot.

Did a ton of walking around today
Nope it’s raining so haven’t done much

TPBM is feeling lazy
No, but someone else does in the house and has it up so loud that it seems like the tv's on in my room lol

Got some neat stuff today
No, but used some pretty neat stuff. :ROFLMAO: New mixing bowls, measuring spoons and cups.

tpbm loves the smell of fresh baking bread...
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