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Printed--we already look at enough screens

Plastic or Fabric Shopping Bags?
recycle yes (as long as people don't get anal about it)

Motorcycle or MotorTrike?
roller skates (had roller blades but couldn't use them, bad ankles :()

Hunting or Fishing?

Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses? (I mostly use contacts--I've broken 4 pairs of glasses during complex partials!)
lennons i guess, i didnt know that was a thing,

potter movies or books
Books, for me--I've always preferred a good book over a movie

Glass-top or Wood-top Tables?
Orange juice if I have to--I drank so much apple juice as a kid that it makes me sick now (but I love to eat apples)

Walnuts or Cashews? (I like all nuts)
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