This or that?

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Chocolate--Especially Dark

Strawberries or Blueberries?
Black Grapes

Salsa or Guacamole? (I actually like both)

Soft rock, or blasting heavy metal?
I miss The Murder Dolls since I went deaf (they would NOT play THEM on the radio) Since there is no "or", check them out

Burgers, or salads?
Soda, but I can't drink too much any longer (kidney failure)

Your GP or your Neurologist?
Hurling ( though I do not really know what that means, in this continent) except a teen for vomiting. Or, maybe referring to " hock-a-lugie.

Small dogs( chauhau) breeds etc. Or larger, German Shepard size ( ish).

Hurl it. Farther. ??
I posted a response to another thread but it jumped over to this. Sorry for the confusion.
PS I prefer bearfoot unless it's cold.
Do you prefer computing on smart phone or stay at home for computer use.
We Watch NO tv. Sometimes old movies from library.

Hoy chilli or chicken soup?

Whole Grain or White Bread? (I only eat whole grain breads)
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