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Hot dog. No clue what white hots

grape kool aid or cherry?
Hot dog. No clue what white hots

The ‘White Hot’ or ‘Porker’, as many Rochester natives refer to it, is a natural casing product based off of an old Zweigle’s family recipe for Weiswurst—which in German means white sausage. It is white because it is uncured which means there are no added nitrates or nitrites. It is made from pork, beef and veal along with a blend of savory spices. (y)

grape kool aid or cherry?

cherry if I must

"White" or "Grape" grape juice?
White I guess. I spill stuff on myself, so yea..white..lOl

Baseball on tv or football?
( originally was going to ask 9mm or revolver) :LOL:
Baseball (football is to politcal)
9mm for in the city / Revolver in the country

Duck or Chicken?
Chicken..don't want to try duck..they're too cute :ROFLMAO:

(sad about our pool going away.)

overweight or underweight?
MC mostly--many of Visas were converted to MCs

Broccoli or Cauliflower? (I actually love both) can do more with it. Although, I do make mean broccoli soup.

Elk or Venison?
You beat me by 10 seconds. I like beans, period. Just ask my wife and kids.
Neither.. I like the reg meats- beef, chicken, pork.

Chinese or Mexican food?

Elvis, or The Beatles
Short movies or long movies that feel short.

Semi-trucks or trains?
Riverboat Tour

Backyard BBQ or Picnic in the Park? (I'd prefer the picnic--stuck at home WAY too much)
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