This or that?

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Grilled (had it for dinner actually)

Air-condition or Fan
Right, dunno why though. But 'right' feels correct...

Aquatics: fresh water or Marine tanks?
NO car (Epileptic)

Barbecue or boiled?
Burgers if it isnt drowned out by stuff.

Smoked sausage or tiny links
Smoked sausage, with hot mustard and in a sour dough bun

Sour dough or multi-grain?
I worked with a master electrician when I was just out of high school. I ran the conduit and pulled the wire. He drew the schematics, calculated the power needed, wired the junction boxrd, etc. He was always talking about his wife's cooking, especially her sourdough bread. He had diabetes. We were sitting outside eating lunch in the sunshine glaring off the snow (mid-April in mountain town in Colorado). He said his doctor told him he had diabetes and had to cut down on the carbs. He was eating a sandwich made with slices of homemade sourdough bread. He said he thought he'd rather die than quit eating his wife's sourdough bread. He was dead within the year---about 60 years old.
Red--if you mean Giardiniera

Sweet or Dill Pickles? I prefer Dill
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