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Air popped Popcorn--especially w/jalapeño & cheese flavoring

Sweet or Dill Pickles? (I prefer dill)
Country (Don’t like the city, too busy for me)

Small hut by an island or a little cabin in the Forrest
Mexican--I prefer spicy food

Thin Crust or Deep Dish/Stuffed Pizza? I love pizza stuffed w/spinach & jalapeño peppers
Homemade (or frozen because I’m cheap lol)

monopoly or jigsaw puzzles
jigsaw puzzles

paper or email/e-cards? (I prefer paper--I save letters/cards, & have some very old ones, like the one my grandfather sent my mom after my birth)
Open Early--I'm an early bird (up @ 4am!)

Eggs--Fried or Boiled? (I like either)

Front load washing machine or Top load?
Top load washer.

Alcohol, or none whatsoever?
None whatsoever

Wash Dishes: by Hand or in Dishwasher? (I only wash extra-large things by hand)
Our hearth is blocked by one of my Wife's turtle tanks (120 gallons or so), therefore I suppose "not". Being such an incredibly beautiful tank, and the basic fact that I hate her Pugs (and fire, and she knows this), it works out just fine for us both.

Extra cheese or no cheese? (On anything)
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