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going UP (when I have lots of stuff)--otherwise escalator

Jalepeno or Bell Peppers?--I prefer Jalepeno
Jalapeno for sure!! I like the flavor of bell peppers but they don't agree with me; so if I get Pepper/Steak at the Chinese place, I always pick the peppers out and lay them aside. Used to weird out the Chef until she came out to ask me about it. (smiling)

Dinosaurs or Artwork (was suddenly missing the museums this evening)
Dinosaurs are cool, but art is easier to hang on the wall. I'll go with artwork.

Alice in Wonderland or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
Apples. Can't eat Oranges nor drink the juice due to a med that I'm on, now. Unless I want to die, of course. haha

Pocket watch or wrist watch?
Analog for certain, but it's a bit irritating on an Apple watch so I may end up giving in and going digital.

Spagettios with franks or meatballs?
No, I meant Spaghettios!! Canned thing; for kids but I've never let them go. NOT Spaghetti (although I DO appreciate the spelling correction).

Rain. SPAGHETTIOS. Meatballs or Franks?
Ravioli--cheese filled (I don't eat pork products)

Hot Pasta or Pasta Salad?
Over easy.

House plants or garden plants (decorative)?
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