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Comb or Hairbrush? I don't have enough hair left to use a brush
You either? Comb.

Liquid NyQuil or 'Liquicaps'?
Depends on the drink and the weather, but overall, I'll take no ice.

Bowling Alley or Social Club?

Mysteries or Science Fiction?
Best to spend 95% looking ahead (and to the sides) while driving; 5% glancing in the rear view mirror (unless you're changing lanes). I'll take To the Future.

Daffy or Donald Duck?
Daffy. FAR funnier; I miss those days. Thanks for taking me back.

True Crime or Fiction?
I'm a member of (probably) every streaming service available online that isn't exclusively sports, NOT a sports fan at all.

Tigers or Lions?
Tigers are larger and more menacing, but Lions look more majestic. I'll go with lions.

Top bunk or bottom bunk when you were a kid?
We DID have bunk beds, my brother and I, for a bit before moving into a home that allowed us our own rooms... but I really don't recall.

Earthworms or caterpillars?
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