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ANY light, as long as it's bright and NOT FLASHING lol

Turtles or tortoises?
Green lights are more boring, but safer. So I'll go with green.

Red Pill or Green Pill (from The Matrix)?
Both turtles and tortoises are cool.

Snails or slugs?
Takeout, too lazy to cook..or go to the grocery store.

baked potatoes or mashed?
Red (for most of the cooking I do)

Dark or White Chocolate? (Dark's my favorite, but I like white, too)
Dark...but milk chocolate trumps it any day.

medium rare or medium well?
Neither--for me, steak has to be well done

Butter or Margarine? (We stopped using margarine about 2 years ago in our house)
Depends if you're a Brit or not, I think. How's a Canadian or Aussie pronounce tomato? For that matter, how do they pronounce garage?
Math or Literature? (love math--love to read, too, just don't care to analyze the stories I read). Finished Little Women (563 pgs.) in 1 week when I was 8!
I like both as well. I used math more and read less when I was working. Now (retired), the reverse. Currently, I'm researching the Algerian revolution (1950s) and the history of the Middle East more generally. I read a lot of fiction in my school+ days---years 6 through 26, or so. Not so much now.

Spoons or Forks?
I prefer forks, but spoons are more universal.

Jazz or Blues?

(Somebody better respond or I'll keep answering myself)
Jazz if I had to listen one or the other--I prefer country

Grapes or Raisins?--I prefer dark seeded grapes
Grapes, seedless please.

Tailed, or kite with no tail.
City Streets--true backroads would be too quiet

Leather or Fabric upholstery?
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