This or that?

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Restaurant, as long as the food is good. My dad preferred buffets. He was always a volume guy.
Real Mayo.

Hot dogs or brats?

Pet Parakeet or Parrot? (I have 1 parakeet; had 2, 1 died)
No birds; for the exact reason you stated. Even when brought to our Specialist (who eventually quit seeing birds for the same reason) sometimes birds just die. We had one die during a nail trim, who'd been coming in for years for nail trims. Sweetest Parakeet you'd ever want to see. Not worth it. Too much heartbreak. Sorry for the long answer.

Lizards or bats?
Deaf now, but I preferred bells

Early or fashionably late?

In-Store or Online Shopping?--I always prefer In-store shopping, online purchases only for out-of-stock items
Online Shopping (I used to be a people person, but people ruined it.)

Sales or Closeout Sales?
Sales. I've had too many instances of buyer's remorse with merchandise/clothes that I purchased at a closeout sale. Many times they wind up donated to Goodwill..

Driving in the mountains or in the desert?
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