This or that?

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Spicy here too! I'm in Texas, it's what we do...well some folks don't I guess. But not in this house! Spicy all the way. (y)

apples or oranges? Can't think tonight..😂
Apple Cider. Also like (in small quantities) Apple Cider Vinegar

boots or shoes?
Ankle Boots w/heels--I'm flat-footed, so if I wear flat shoes, my feet hurt. Two-inch heels are actually comfy than sneakers!!

Fly or Road Trip for vacation?
Banana unless I'm at a Brazilian steak house. Omg y'all ever been to one? Omg the grilled pineapple! Damn, I'm hungry

beef or chicken?
White (tried brown--no differences except price)

Windows or Apple Products? (I've always preferred Windows)
Wild rice, or a mix of the two.

big dog or small dog?
Depends on the dinner.

Long-haired or short-haired Dog?
Fox Hounds are among the most intelligent (I think they're in the top ten)
Soooooo.... unsure how to answer this one.

Ceiling fan, or floor fan?
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