What is everyone paying for meds?

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I‘m on disability and now on medicare since I got laid off last year. I blew through thousands of my savings on meds. Last month I spent nearly $300 on generic meds. That’s the “coverage gap” price, or 25% of full price generic. I’m having problems with the generics, more side effects and worse control. I think both the carbamazapine and felbamate were between $120-150 each. I think last year I was paying $100 or less each. Ten years ago I think brand name Tegretol was only a few hundred at full price, I seem to remember getting everything for around $500. This is insane for 30-40 year old drugs.
Hi Matt,

Check out good xr and you may be able to get a discount on your meds. It's crazy what they charge. My husband is also
on disability and if I didn't put him on my health insurance even though he gets medicare he would be paying over $600.00 for
one med for his diabetes.
I take vimpat and that cost over $3300.00 for a 3 month perscription. I used to take Tegretol also and the price was starting to
go up like crazy a few yrs. ago. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

My lamotrigine costs about $15/month -- because I pay nearly $800 a month for health insurance. If it weren't a "Tier 3" generic it would be a whole lot more.
With my husband's new employer/insurance, a three month supply of all my medications costs a total of around $100. With the old companies, the same things used to cost $350!! The funny part is that they used to send the meds through their own mail order pharmacy.
Hi Matt,
I am on Medicare as well due to disability but get my meds through blue cross blue shield or whatever plan I want to use that is the most affordable to me. Every year I meet with my insurance guy and go over which plan would be the best. Do you check out the insurance plans at the time of signing up each year? I first went to a SHIP (senior health insurance program) counselor in Illinois when I got onto Medicare and she really helped me through the system. I know here we have choices of insurance plans and can compare and shop for the best deal. I pay the most for Carbamazepine it goes up as I move into another stage but it was $66.00 for 3 months this past month. I think the Depakote is $12.00 for 3 months and glaucoma eye drops are $86.00 every 3-4 months. Sometimes the company of the drug will assist with costs. It's too bad that they charge so much. I wish you the best let me know what happens. Jeanne
When I was on my ex-husbands insurance I paid $8 for any med. I'm on Medicare which covers a percent of the cost. I use GoodRX to help with the cost of my meds and you can't believe the difference. I'll ask about it when I pick something up and they look to see if there is a better cost. There have even been times that my pharmacy has even looked it up on themselves.

The last time I picked up a med it cost over $100. The pharmacist said "That's ridiculous" and looked it up and found it for under $20.

It's worth it to ask about it.
Earlier this year, I had to file a "patient hardship claim" to get the copay of my 200mg Xcopri reduced. Little did I know, it expired in less than 6 months!
My husband went to pick up my refill yesterday and the pharmacist said the copay was $330--for 30 pills!! To make matters worse, because of the type of drug it is, there are 2 issues with it. 1) They can only give me a 30-day supply at one time, & 2) The earliest I can order refills is exactly 23 days after the last order (7 days before I run out). They didn't have it in stock when I placed the order, so I'm out of it now.
I refiled the hardship claim last night, and the pharmacy is holding my prescription.
Sometimes I think I was better off with the Topamax/Topiramate & Zonisamide combo despite the larger number of breakthroughs. At least there wouldn't be any cost headaches.
My portion of a three month supply of phenytoin cost me $21. The pharmacy cost was $108. It cost me zero last time. Medicare advantage pulls you in with a great policy, then changes the tier the medication is and then I pay more. Phenytoin has been around for decades.
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