Your worst subject in school

What was your worst subject in school?

  • Math/Algebra/Geometry

    Votes: 118 53.6%
  • English/Language

    Votes: 37 16.8%
  • Social Studies/History

    Votes: 30 13.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 35 15.9%

  • Total voters

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We don't learn Spanish in Holland but we do learn English, German and French in school. My languages weren't the trouble but match and physics were; even had to repeat a class because of those. Never thought by then I'd be teaching communications and language to technical students. Life's full of surprises (had my share of them.) Loved history most in school but went to univesity to study Dutch language, literature and communications.
Ok Ok Ok ... I know French Fries
are American creation ...

(Thanks to my translators here)

and to you DOC ....


NOW do you see why I had a big fat
red F in French?

<--- makes notes of who understands French here ... just in case
My strength is math. An answer is either right or wrong. No discrimination is involved in the correction of a test or homework.

On the other hand, I had a tough time with English. I had a few really hard teachers who helped me get through it. I developed a love for Shakespeare. And, I have an incredible collection of reading material.

French Fries are American, but across the pond, they are called chips. There crisps are our chips.
Potatoes and cabbage are bubbles and squeek.
I forgot what they call sausages, tho'

'les frites ne sont pas francais. C'est une invention americaine."
The fries are not french, it is an American invention.
Funny how things change

English was always my worst subject, especially the literature side. Funny how now that I am much older, I am pretty good at writing and enjoy reading, and also like to discuss meaningful literature/ideas.

Math was my best course which is probably why I am an Accountant. I loved history and still do. I have to disagree with TeeTees thoughts on history, at least history from the last 100-200 years. I think it is so important to understand the events that have brought us to where we are today in order to face the future, i.e. the history of the middle east going back to pre-WWI.
French Fries are American, but across the pond, they are called chips. There crisps are our chips.
Potatoes and cabbage are bubbles and squeek.
I forgot what they call sausages, tho'

'les frites ne sont pas francais. C'est une invention americaine."
The fries are not french, it is an American invention.

Here in the UK - we call a chubby thick juicy 'sausage', a 'sausage'

But we do have tiny thin sausage things that we call chipolatas. Then theres the hotdog sausages which are called frankfurters.
Math was also my worst subject (I hated it ) but English was my best subject
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We have a couple of 'english' style pubs over here. They call sausages something else. Especially when mixed with whatever gross, boiled concoction.
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My worst subject is math and some english but due to blindness. I think that now looking back to when I was little, absence seizures caused a daignosis of ADD even thought I do not have it as an adult. I was never hyperactive or anything- but "stared off" a lot and had "spells" which were Absence seizures rather than episode caused by ADD.
At the school for the blind here we use the Nemeth Braille Code but the lack of being able to write down problems like sighted people can in print makes it difficult- lots of mental math skills which I've never had. I had a vocational evaluation that showed I had difficulty in math skills, remembering numbers, reversing 4 digit numbers and memorizing those and repeating them backwards etc..
English was made difficult by blindness since I only read alittle bit due to fatigue. It hurt really back to read so I would make up my book reports! But I was terrified of going to the doctors and going in for more surgeries so I did what I had to- I feel bad about it but I was willing to risk getting in trouble just to stay out of the hospitals.
ANYWAYS- now that I've written a lot here-
Everyone take care and be safe-
Crystal and her guide, Umbro (Barks!)
My worst subject is/was math. It is embarrasing as I was surrounded by math focuses until I graduated and got out of my parents house. My father was a top level machinist/mechanical engineer, my mother is a chem tech, my brother is a mechanical engineer.

My best subjects were History, English and Science. I wish I had been more focused on music education thing as it is primary in my life now.

I studied history, on my own, ever since I could read.....all over the world and not just the US. By the way, the history of the Middle East is much, much longer and more important to us than a couple of hundred years. The "outer" world as well as their own parts have been in confusion for thousands and thousands of years.......something we will never solve. I have travelled to many places and talked to many people, in their own environment, and do not believe a single thing said by our media. And, much of what is taught about US history, in our public schools, is ignorant and/or wrong. So much is never said or discussed.

I studied English also. English was very easy and boring to the max. To much focus on boring English authors such as the top of boring.....Shakespear. There is so much more to english studies than just the stereotypical stuff taught in public schools.

Science, not the average stuff, but new stuff being found every day stuff should excite anyone.

Spanish was rinky dink but boring. Mandarin is a whole another story. There is a method, rhythm and technique to it but you have understand it.

And, oh, lastly, math is not right or wrong.......there are too many theories, Ifs and Ors.

I hated school also. Not cuz I was on some strong stuff for a kid, and learning was difficult, but because of those mean kids that thought they were cute for humiliating me for no reason.
My standard linguistic and math skills are adequate for the time being however.
Science of any kind (biology, chemistry, physics, etc) was my worst subject. I didn't like school either.
school stinks

I'm trying to go back to school. The humiliation I faced daily when I was a kid makes it difficult.
Math still makes me break out in a sweat!! I feel traumatized the moment two or more numbers get together, and that whole x=y....if they don't know how should I? :paperbag:I was good student especially in college but later in life and after Topamax....well let's just say the ol brain ain;t what she used to be...fortunately I have retained my good looks and charming personality!!:banana:
I can't

pick just one subject. It would depend on the particular course being taught. For example: I may excel at algebra and trig, but bombed geometry. Part of that had to do with the teacher, too.
Math Anxiety

I'm trying to go back to school. The humiliation I faced daily when I was a kid makes it difficult.
I was getting an 'A' in math, then came fractions.
Our quizzes are never more than 10 questions long, but as of late, I am missing one or two, which kills everything.
I can do math in my head, but not on paper. I think I was having seizures even in H.S. Was in a pharmacy tech class when I was diagnosed, and discovered that I could not comprehend math hardly at all. That was a requirement for being a tech- so I will try it again when I am under control with E.
BLEURGH!! maths is my very worst subject, but I loved languages ( did French and German) and chemistry and physics. The equations in physics and chemistry were the hardest parts, but they made more sense than a bunch of meaningless numbers on a page in maths would to me. I used to be very good at English, my spelling was brilliant, my nickname at school was the walking dictionary. nowadays though, my misfiring neurons dislike it whenever I try to make them work...I am now having to teach myself spanish as the children learn it at school from the ages of 5-11. And come next month, I am going to have to dust off my (very rusty) conversational French skills as my eldest will be learning it in seniors. Hated history at school but that was down to some REALLY disinterested teachers, they were normally geography teachers who had been forced to also teach history. And I have always been good at art, but absolutely PANTS at music...
For the first 3 years i was pretty good at school. Got into all the top classes and managed to stay there. I think the last two years is where it started to go wrong - 15/16, that sort of age. I still did pretty well on my GCSE's, but i moved down in ability in a couple of my classes. The odd thing is that in the first three years, science was my strong point and maths my worst, and then it switched. Suddenly i could do quadratic equations, all sorts of algebra etc, but couldn't remember most of the elemental table. Strange.

I was also terrible at PE (gym) for most of the time apart from gymnastics, cos i'm surprisingly flexible for a fat bird :D Luckily i didn't have to do that in the last 2-3 years anyway because of a problem with my arm. I got a free period instead and generally spent it in the library reading books. I loved reading, and still have a massive book collection now.
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