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    Experience with Briviact (brivaracetam)?

    Hi everyone -- In my mental haze over the past four years, the existence of this forum slipped my mind. I'm so happy to have found it again! I'm not sure if background is necessary, but a quick one: my seizures started in 2013 out of nowhere at the age of 32 (several a day). Ever since, I've...
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    Aura's, do you see colors?

    I was just wondering if when someone has an aura if they experience seeing colors? Kind of like seing spots if you're suddenly blinded by the sun. Today I was on my usual walk and when I got back, for like 2 seconds, I saw green colors. I was out of breath from the walk and then saw that. Looked...
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    My Hypothyroidism, do you have it and can tell me what to do

    Well, as mentioned in a topic in the kitchen, I've been having issues with my throid. Lately I've been having symptoms such as hoarseness, tiredness, changes in my period, puffy feet & according to someone I work with, says I have a puffy face. My thyroid has been bouncing around and up and down...
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    New Seizures?

    I have always had either grand mals (which are now controlled with medication ) and a complex partial that was preceded by an aura. But now, at 29 years old, I'm suddenly having a new seizure. It's more of a simple partial. I was wondering if this is something others have experienced? :soap:
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    done with drugs

    i have been on three different medications now, and on all of them i have had extreme side effects. havent taken any meds in over 6 months now and usually i would have at least a few seizures a week but havent had any in over a month, which is a record! just wondering if anyone else has also...
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    What was your first seizure like?

    I can remember being in the shower, washing my very long hair. It was one of those old-fashioned showers with a heavy plate glass door and a stainless steel handle that you had to turn to get in and get out. There were 4 water jets…three coming from the side wall…and a shower head in the...
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    Is there something deeper to epilepsy?

    Hey fellow brains, what's up? I've been wondering about something for a while now, and I was just wanting some opinions and experiences. The brain is obviously so powerful and mysterious, even the most highly revered neuro scientists in the world will admit that they generally have absolutely...
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