Is there something deeper to epilepsy?

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Hey fellow brains, what's up?

I've been wondering about something for a while now, and I was just wanting some opinions and experiences. The brain is obviously so powerful and mysterious, even the most highly revered neuro scientists in the world will admit that they generally have absolutely no clue how or why the brain IS, or how it functions.

Sometimes I feel so weird during complex partials I seriously feel like I'm leaving my body, traveling through time, standing somewhere else and looking in on myself. Sometimes I feel like my brain is independent of my body, like it's out for itself and the body is just a tool to satisfy the brain. I know it's just the crazy feeling you get, your nerves and electrical impulse etc... but I swear it's like there's something under the surface.

Is your brain up to something else? What do you feel like your brain is doing? What kind of crazy joyride does your brain like to take?

Just looking for your observations.

Hi ButtFlakes,

I've had CP seizures, also, and sometimes the auras I experienced were sort of an "out of the body" sensation. One time I remember it was like I was watching my own arm floating in space away from my body. Another time, I was "hearing" someone speaking to me but when I turned, no one was there. Most of the time the auras for me are like time suddenly goes into slow motion and noises become so LOUD I cannot stand it..... then I am gone.

Here is an interesting video by a neuroscientist about what some people with epilepsy experience:

Did Man Create God? The Spiritual Brain
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