1. J

    Early Childhood Educator looking for answers!

    1. How can Early Childhood Educators help children with epilepsy and seizure disorders? 2. What developmental domains are affected? (Social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language) 3. What are some barriers that the children may face in a classroom setting? In the home setting? 4. What...
  2. JLogefeil

    Should I Still?

    As you all know I have been making videos and putting them on YouTube. I have been been thinking of not making anymore. The reason being is that no one is watching or commenting on them and I don't want to be a bother I anyone or waste anyone's time. I you seen any of them what is your option...
  3. P

    [News] Groundbreaking Report: A Giant Step for Epilepsy

    From Medscape Neurology In a special presentation from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), a groundbreaking report was released with 13 recommendations that the IOM designed to help improve care for all people with epilepsy. They include: 1. Validation and implementation of standard...
  4. JLogefeil

    Can They Diagnose You Even If?

    I have a question! So if I do everything that the doctors tell me to do like keeping a diary about your seizure, talking to a psychiatrist, taking the medicine they prescribe to you, ect, if you do the stuff they want and your psychiatrist writes a letter saying that the diagnosis that the...
  5. M

    New online resource

    There is a new free website that offers the same clinical articles used by professional neurologists to the general public. It has the most extensive epilepsy coverage of any online resource. Note that the articles are written for physicians and not dumbed down for general consumption, but they...