1. B

    What does this sound like?

    Ok so I e been of my meds for a while. About a month and a half to two months. Today I left around four thirty. We ate supper around six or seven. Then we sat and talked in the car for a few hours. By the time I looked at my phone it was near 10:30 When I got out of the car I felt like I was...
  2. C

    Epilepsy and cluster migraines

    Hi, Unfortunately, I am back hoping, once again, for some help from the very supportive and kind people who participate on this Forum. Background info: My son, 27 years old and developmentally delayed, suffered two tonic clonics on March 10, 2014. They were only the 3rd and 4th he's suffered...
  3. C

    Migraines vs Partials

    Hello, I hope Bernard will allow me to post this new thread. I still don't have my email problem fixed with Comcast but I hope to get to that sometime this week. As you may know, I've been asking for guidance here concerning my developmentally disabled adult son who suffered from 2 tonic...
  4. thornton8000

    Back to no meds :(

    hello again, ABout a week ago the neuro, took me off all meds and i was against this since my seizures were getting better again, I've been going through periods of doing ok and then having a few in a row at night and just a few SPS, during the day. Well now that im off the meds ive been having...
  5. D

    Newbie - migraines, seizures, who knows?

    I've just finished a 3-day ambulatory eeg, and happened across this site as I was trying to figure out how to get the blasted glue softened up and extricated from my hair [2 applications of baby oil, 2 shampoos and 4 hours later--no luck yet!] My story: Dec. 2009 I began seeing a neurologist...
  6. L

    Side Effects: Migraines?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, just seeking some support as I just had my first ever episode 2 weeks ago. I had a series of small seizures (4 total) in one day, spent 12 hours in the ER getting tests done. MRI, Cat Scan, blood tests, etc all came back normal, but my EEG showed some abnormal...
  7. Crystal11

    Migraines and Epilepsy

    I just thought I would post about my migraines and Epilepsy and see how many people have similar troubles. I take two medications for seizures: Keppra XR 3000mg and Lamictal XR 400mg a day. For Migraines, I take Butalbital (1-4 times a day as needed PRN). I take two medications for allergies...
  8. S

    New and tired of suffering, please help

    My name is Kelly and I'm 22 years old. According to my parents, when I was a baby, I would shake. Like a really bad shiver and then I'd stop and act like normal. As I got older, I began to wake up in odd hours of the night completely distressed, screaming for my mother because something was...
  9. P

    Epilepsy Related Conditions

    In chronic conditions, such as epilepsy, the coexistence of more than one illness in a patient is the rule rather than the exception… Men and women with epilepsy have a two-to five-fold increase in the occurrence of conditions, such as migraine, cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disorders...
  10. N

    [News] Migraines

    Since many people with epilepsy, also suffer from migraines, the NYTimes article below may be of interest: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/30/health/30patient.html?ref=health
  11. N

    Cosmetic Surgery Relieves Migraines

    Migraine is a sibling of Epilepsy (or maybe a close cousin), so I think this article about using a kind of facelift to help migraine sufferers is kinda interesting... http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/02/lifting-away-migraines/
  12. A

    New Here =]

    Hi! My name is Ashley and I'm 17 years old. I have just one question. Ever since I was little I've had experiences of "flashing lights." But as I got older they got worse. Today before I experience the flashing lights I experience nasuea, dizzyness, weakness, disorentation, as well as a...
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