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    have i seizures when i waking up from nights and have uncnown panic attacks and raise up from bed and wandering to another room with no reason? i also often have numbness in my left bodysite during night sleeps in some seconds without any pinched nerves. i also have a dysfunction in my right...
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    Hello :)

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forums and am just reading through different stories in an effort to find something that might 'click' and help us to figure out what challenges my son is experiencing. I am the extremely lucky mother of a fantastic 14yo boy. He's bright, funny, and has a great...
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    Doing strange stuff in night

    I have seen a clip on youtube of a boy having seizure activity during sleep. He sat up in the bed, and layed down again to sleep. Thats exactly what happening to me. I recording my sleep. And sometimes i screaming and this night i tryed to catch something. My eyes are open. Can this be epileptic...
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    New here. Will be going for a sleep study on Monday and Tuesday need answers and help

    Hi, I have been exhausted and suffering from hallucinations frequently. I sit in bed and stare at whatever I am seeing and usually wake my husband. I finally went to a sleep specialist and he does not think it is narcolepsy due to the hallucinations being in the middle of the night, not upon...
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    Hi there, Finally decided to do more research into my epilepsy and it got me here. Seems active and a decent place to discuss things. I'll probably start a thread about it all in the next few days. No idea what type of epilepsy i have but i know that they only happen when im asleep and i have...